Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Travel vs. Shopping

Goooooood Morning all you lovely peeps!
Today while sitting in "traffic" on my way to work something caught my attention that made me think of shopping for clothes. Then I stared down at what I was wearing and realized that I have not bought myself any new clothes in months. {no jokes}
I mean I received a clothing voucher for Foschini for my birthday {6 Oct} and I have still not used it, I'm not even sure where it is to be honest. {mental note: go look for it before it grows feet}
Then I look at all the Fashion blogs I am following, and every time I see it I get this urge to just go max out my credit card at the nearest fashion outlet.
As soon as that thought jumps into my head the "sane" part of my mind kicks in. It is then when I realise I would much rather put that R500 {50euro} that I will spend on a top or shoes and put it in a savings account towards my travel plans. Am I insane or just unique?

I am one of those people who walk into a clothing store, walk around with my arms full of clothes that I love then walk out with nothing. Because I think that every cent I am spending on clothes can be a big boost to my oh so slow growing savings account.

Plus clothes last a season - travel memories last a lifetime! 

P.S. - You guys remember the awesome friend of mine that has that amazing clothing line? Well they are having a 50% off sale till Friday, so be sure to go check it out!

(I want this jacket)

And with this in mind I bid you farewell! Till tomorrow Journeyers!
Peace out!

"The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act." - Barbara Sher

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wedding fever - 39 Days!

Okay I went to go jog this morning, and decided to push myself a bit, now I feel like a mushy mushroom plus I think my brain is not used to getting so much oxygen pumped through it which resulted to me being in a little bit of a daze. {my own little world if you may call it that ;)}
So if this post does not make any sense, you all know why!
Most of you know by now my sister is getting married in December.
When you decide to get married at no.99 the budget tends to be very small and that is why we decided to rather make most of the decor / thank you gifts ourselves.
And that is exactly what we did on Saturday, except for a aching back and with eyes starting to feel like they were floating in a bowl of custard and jelly I had a lot of fun.
We made utensil pockets and I think it came out pretty darn cute!
Hard at work
It might not look like we knew what we were doing, BUT WE DID!
82 of this!
The sort of end result, this just needs finishing touches.
Sisters {heart}
My future brother in law???? 
He just woke up from his nap, just in time to say bye bye to his aunt!

We have 39 days before the BIG day! And still so much to do. I am so proud of my sister and her fiance and all the people helping her. You guys are rocks! Now time for me to start planning the oh so fun Bachelorette!!!! Can anyone say PAR-TAY!!!!

Have a blessed Tuesday!
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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Let there be HAIL! And believe me there was!

Saturday we went to go buy our bridesmaid dresses for my sisters wedding!
We are going to look so pretty, one of those "outshine the bride" moments, haha no not really, it is going to be extremely hard to outshine that fine sister of mine! No but really, she is going to look ggggggorgeous!
So, as we walk out of the shopping centre the clouds were already grey and dull from the terrible rain that's on it's way. Luck was on our side, as we climbed into the car it started to hail, but smallish hail, lets say the size of a small nicker ball. So not that big, but sounds like a rock hitting your car when it hits.
There we are driving in heavy rain and hail hitting the car now and then (more then than now) and as we get closer to Alberton the rain stops.
Then my sisters phone rings, it's her fiance, he just informed us that his fathers car's front window was hit out by the hail they encountered. He tells her it was the size of a tennis ball and we were like "yes whatever, you're exaggerating"! haha were we wrong, because then we drove through Dinwiddie (area in Alberton) and that's where we saw it, the biggest hail BALLS lying on the lawn of the houses. No jokes. The ones there was the size of golf balls.
And to think if we drove through there 15min earlier we would have probably had the same damage. Can anyone say excellent timing???
So here is the proof for all of you thinking that I am being a tad bit imaginative now -
Water puddles we had to drive in
Streams of water over the roads
 Now this is proper cooler box ice! Drinks will stay ice cold for HOURS!
 Anyone for game for a round of ice golf?
She's got them balls in her hand!

And after all this I came across this -
I am a big ladybird fan!
 And the red roses are proper proof that summer is here!

Tequila Tuesday baby!
"About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age." - Gloria Pitzer

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A must BRAG post!

Good morning! It's Tuesday and my days are running away with me at work! The first 3 days of my week seem to be the busiest and I am struggling to keep up. But I just had to do the post before the day get way out of hand!
Friday night Cedric and I decided to challenge each other in his favorite PlayStation game - Tiger Woods, (obviously - if you haven't picked up how much I talk about golf in my posts you have to wake up, like now haha) and after the 3rd hole Steve and I thought, "crap he's going to kick my b#*@!", and then all of a sudden it was like I was a PlayStation god! I started hitting birdie after birdie and some lucky perfect eagles! And Cedric looked at me like I was playing this game in secret every night after we go to bed - but I seriously was not! Promise!
But in Cedric's defense, this was rather late at night, it was Friday and he already had a few glasses of wine in him and I had a few glasses of very strong Grapetiser in me! haha
At the end of the day A WIN IS A WIN and I just had to rub this in his face! WOOHOO!!! (sorry boo)

I'm Rory McIlroy! (duh)
Final Score - BURN baby!
L-L-L-Looooser! hehe
And the winner is....ME!

Have a Tequila Tuesday Journeyers!

P.S. - You will notice the cute new Post Title Icon on my blog posts. If you want it too, please go visit the awesome Katie over at her blog! 

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ten things to do before I am 25!

After I finally realised that I am 24 {yes I still told someone Sunday that I am 23 and realised with a bang - wait you are 24}, I started thinking that I always have so many things I want to do so why not after every birthday combine a list and stick to it! So let's get cracking!!!

1. Appreciate and love Cedric even more than I already do
2. Have a happy ending to my New Year
3. Visit one of my travel destinations
4. Actively start learning French
5. Make more time for the special friends in my life
6. Make new friends (you can never have enough)
7. Go on a Canopy Tour through Magaliesberg
8. Compete in at least 5 - 5/10/15km runs
9. Go visit Harry's Pancakes in Dullstroom {yes I'm a sucker for a good 'oll pancake}

So yes this is my "Ten things to do before I am 25" list!
If you would like to link up, please leave your link below and I would love to share it on my blog.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

{Food} No electricity = Eat Out Baby! (Chaplin's Grill)

Happy morning to all my journeyers! 
Can you guys believe it's already Wednesday and my birthday was already 4 days ago! {SAY WHAT!!!!}
Anyway, when you live in South Africa and especially Johannesburg, you are privileged enough to experience a thing called "load shedding" {this means power cuts} {what stupid name is this anyway?}. Well in our area we've been experiencing this QUITE OFTEN which makes me so extremely upset happy!
So yesterday as I got home for lunch {yes I am lucky enough to enjoy every lunch time with my boo} Cedric tells me we have no electricity...really? Are you kidding me! 1pm = nothing. 2pm = nothing. 3pm = nothing. 4pm = nothing. 5pm = I get home = still nothing. 5:30pm = screw this, "baby go shower we are going out for dinner". 

5:50pm = We end up deciding to go to Fillet {we've been here before and know the food is great} and as all of us know as soon as the clouds turn darker and thicker with rain people miraculously forget how to drive! Even better! Which means on our way to Fillet the traffic is bumper to bumper. Then we quickly change our minds and go to this place we've been seeing for months and always drive past it with a "we should really come here one day" and never do. And by golly thanks to weather and traffic we finally end up going.
6pm = we stop at the restaurant and it's empty, now we are thinking "jeesh is this place legit???" so I tell Cedric let's just go in and try it, plus who goes for dinner at 6 anyway nowadays?
We sit and the place is pretty impressive, clean and has a nice relaxing ambiance.
6:10pm = neighbour texts me "elec just came back on" = are you freaking kidding me???

Back to the restaurant, you have a great view over Sandton, and the waiters are like little jack in the boxes. We ordered steaks. As I was craving good meat, and we struck it lucky, the meat is amazing! I am very fussy when it comes to my meat, I want it Medium - Well done, red but no blood. And Cedric just shook his head as I was trying to explain this to the waiter and the waiters eyes just went blank.
But when the food came it was cooked to perfection. {sorry I didn't take any pics}. Reason for no pics is the waiter caught us off guard as he brought us our main meals when Cedric in fact ordered a starter too. Shame small mistake.
But I will leave you with this....
The view (I know blurry! Crap camera)

Please go visit their website -

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

12 + 12 = 24

Yes that is correct! I celebrated my birthday on Saturday! Thank you very much to all the birthday messages I received and to those who forgot - well shame on you!!!! ;) Kidding, just don't forget again next year! :)

Anyway, I was spoiled till there was no more energy to be excited! haha who am I kidding? Excitement never runs dry when it's this ladies birthday!
My day was spent with family and friends watching the rugby - Cedric's team won.
Cedric surprised me with 100 red roses! {enough said = heart melted}
And after the rugby my friends (turns out I have way less than I thought) we went to Buddha Ta. I love this place! We spend the night drinking cocktails and dancing. (only crap part is the dance floor only opens at 11pm)

But they say a picture says a thousand words {or something like that} - so here we go....
I am one spoiled lady!
All my gifts :)
 Sister and sister in law
 Cutest boy ever! Look his hair is cut!
 Brother and Sister
 Gooooo All Blacks
 Party time
 Candy Floss Mojito {this was extremely sweet}
 It's my birthday!
 Friends {heart}

 I {heart} you!
 Best neighbours ever!

And except for a little disagreement, where I would have preferred the night had ended at 10pm, my birthday was rather good!
Sunday was a full day pajama day for me! {bliss}

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Monday, 8 October 2012

The Travel list challenge!

Okay it's time for another link up with Jenna.
Luckily I am also such a big fanatic of travelling that I decided this is a link up I just have to do! :)
Cedric and I decided last year we want to start travelling more, so we started with this thing where each of us can choose a place every year. Then we save and well the rest is history!
We thought it would also be great to find some enthusiastic friends that love the world as much us we do, and we found a great couple that managed to do our very first "Yearly Adventure" with us = Paris. Obviously travel buddies won't be possible with every trip we plan {you know, we need some alone time too}.
So let's start - mine will be similar to Jenna, places that are bold and in pink we've been too and the rest I really still want to do.

1. Botswana - Africa

2. Victoria Falls - Zambia

3. Rome - Italy

4. Venice - Italy

5. London - England

6. Capilano Suspension Bridge - Vancouver - British Columbia

7. Santorini - Greece

8. Paris - France

9. Mozambique 

10. Maldives

11. New Zealand 

12. New York

13. Gippsland Lake - Australia

14. China

15. India

16. Ireland

17. Mauritius

18. Egypt

19. Fiji

20. Benteng Chittorgarh - India

21. Marble Caves - Chile

22. Plitvice Lakes National Park - Croatia

23. Monticello Dam - Napa County - California

24. Hong Kong

25. Thailand
(Images thanks to Google)

{I must say, these pictures started off as X-large, then as I was making the list that just grew by the thought, the pictures got smaller, so sorry they are Large now but if I kept it on X-large this would have been one of the longest blog posts in the history of blogging!}

Okay I decided to stop at 25 otherwise I will be busy with this the whole day! And as you have seen I've only been able to bold out 2 of the 25 places!
So here's to loads more saving and travelling!

If you would like to join in the fun - please go visit Jenna and link up!

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