Thursday, 1 November 2012

Arts on Main

Happy Movember people!
I am really keeping my blog busy this week! Impressed? I am! {not - joking} haha
Last week I decided we should try something new in Johannesburg. The city is so big with so many different things and places that we still need to explore but we always seem to try and escape it, so why not embrace it?
That's when I decided to go to Arts on Main / Market on Main. And as luck would have it while scrolling through all the blog updates I saw that one of my favorite bloggers over at SFL was there just the previous Sunday! I swear it was like she was in my mind! Creeping around.
So after reading her experience there I was even more excited to go.
After finding friends that actually wanted to join us in the dangerous safety conscious city of Joburg we ventured off, with Cedric freaking out on me about 20 times saying I'm trying to kill him for bringing him there ,we finally found the place {GPS tend to loose signal in the city}.
WOW - what an experience, you see I swear I was a hippie in my previous life! When I see a hippie I just go into my own little wonderland where I'm flying "high" {excuse the pun} and loving life in a peaceful manner.
The vibe, food and people here are just amazing! The only thing I hated was the fact that I can spend a whole months salary there!
Main Entrance
 The outside (little places where you can sit and eat)
 My friend says her wedding planner had a wedding here as a venue - it was breathtaking appartenly
 The views
The Market Area
Inside - "the food court"
 Who's this sexy couple???
 The bride to be! (next year Sept)
The colorful graffiti in the streets
 This just caught my attention - I love it!
 Isn't this amazing? Talented people in this world!
 I loved this little street "cafe"
I bought myself this cute little necklace for R40!!! Can anyone say BAR-GAIN?!
 And some of the best macaroons that we've ever tasted! 

If you are interested in spending a relaxed Sunday like this, you can read more about Arts on Main here.
Also, I took the business cards for the above two talented peeps, but do you think I can find it now? NO! But I will go look for it and get back to you guys and add it to the post!

Have a fantabulous Thursday all you crazy pigeons! {wink - that's a good thing}
"The most decisive actions of our life...are most often unconsidered actions." - Andre Gide


  1. It's amazing how different our perceptions of this place can be. I didn't even see the macarons, perhaps because were speedwalking through the stalls.

    1. Nooo Megan! Next time drink a chill pill before you go then you can stroll through the place all relaxed! :)

  2. What an amazing experience! Wonderful and exciting photos!!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine


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