Friday, 31 August 2012

Let's hit them balls!!!

Gooooood Morning!!!
It's the WEEEEEKEEEND Babyyyyyyyy!!!!
I am so happy it is Friday and at the same time freaking out! Have any of you realised how fast this year is flying by? Feels like just yesterday I told my friend "can you believe we are already going into August?" and now I am saying "hey can you believe it's September tomorrow?".

Anyway that's not the reason for this post, I know I have been saying in a previous post how I need to start learning golf.
Well that day has finally arrived, last night Cedric and I hopped in the car and off we went to The Pro Shop to go buy me my first set of Clubs! Woohoo!
We struck gold with this deal! Cedric was very hesitant with buying me a whole set because he knows me, I get irritated quickly when I can't get something right. (hmmm now I am starting to wonder if golf is then really the right choice of sport for me, I mean you have this long steel pipe thing with a small thingy at the bottom and you have to hit a ball the size of a mouse with this small thingy at the bottom. And for someone who has terrible hand and eye coordination this can become a problem.)
I've been hit in the face more times with a ball the size of my head than I've actually caught the ball. Just a small example of how bad I am with balls. 

So there we are at The Pro Shop and they have this MASSIVE sale going on! One of the promotions they had going was a "Golf Starter Kit" where you get a 12 Set beginners golf set, a towel, shoes, a glove, umbrella and tee's for only R1500! And obviously I needed some balls too, so I got cute pink ones! 
Needless to say I am extremely excited to start practicing and our target it so have my playing 18holes by December.

Let the training begin!
Have a Freaky Friday all you crazy Journeyers!
"Kindness is for all times in all situations - not just when it suits you." - Audray Landrum

Monday, 27 August 2012

Oh Wine how I love you!

Hello all my lovely journeyers!
Fairwell oh weekend, oh how I will miss you! 5 more days left and we will be reunited again!
That was my attempt at rhyming. Hmmmm not so good! 
After a week like last week I needed a good glass of wine just to make me feel that tiny bit better! It worked I can tell you!

Spring is in the air, and everywhere you look there are little blossoms growing and the fresh green of the new leaves are surprising us everywhere. Oh how I love it! 

The weather also decided to give us a little happiness and we had amazingly warm weather last week! Can't believe that just 3weeks ago it was snowing!

We went to go and support my cousin with her riding, in case you are wondering what riding I am referring to, see pictures below (yes my friends, that is her) ROCKING it out! - 

The weather was great, nice and warm, except for the terrible wind that started blowing (wind + dust = no way of staying clean). 

More wine followed and Cedric decided to keep at his record of breaking glasses - this is how his wine glass ended up at the end of the night. 

And the neighbor's daughter and myself tried to be creative and through together all we had in the house for a delightfully eye catching dessert! 

We ended the weekend with golf and seafood, we had sushi for starters (Pic 1), I had the prawn Sunday special (Pic 2) and Cedric had prawn curry (Pic 3)! Oh how I love weekends!

Till next time oh lovely ones!
"We accumulate our opinions at an age when our understanding is at its weakest." - Georg C. Lichtenberg

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Cray Cray things we do EY!!!!

The weekend finally came and has already left! Biatch I tell ya!
This weekend was some quality family time! yay yay!
Cedric was still MIA on Saturday but finally made his appearance known yesterday! Woop woop!
Saturday we did some wedding dress shopping for my cutie of a sister! Yes peeps that is correct! She is getting married!!! And lucky for us we found HER dress! She looks like an angel sent from heaven in it! I was obviously more occupied with Landan, the little bugger, but who can blame me!

Lunch time we spent with our dear little mother, and that's where all the crazy started! We found these amazingly fashionable glasses! And just HAD to do some poses in it! Don't we look tooooo smart???

We are too sexy for our glasses!!! 

And.......strut it baby!

The Dorky Family! haha

Sunday I went for a Coffee / Breakfast Date with a new friend! :)
And then the time finally arrived for me to pick up my sexy! He surprised me with a little gift! He grew a mustache while on the hunting trip, my little Pornstar - haha (yes he did indeed look like a Pornstar / Pimp with it) Sorry boo!
As soon as that was mentioned the mustache went flying!
And he shot a big Impala, proud of you baby but sad for the little animal! :(

Please share your awesome weekend doings with me!
Looking forward to hearing from ya'll!

P.S. - I am rather upset, I just noticed that I lost a follower!!! :(

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to G-D." - North Carolina newspaper Ruth E. Renke

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The ugly GREEN monster!

Oh how I hate this little guy! He's the one creeping up on you when you just feel that everyone else has something better / prettier than you or when you have nothing better to do than be plain stupid! Don't you just hate that little bugger? And all it does is leave you feeling miserable and grumpy!
To get to the point of this post, this is how I am feeling at this moment, jealous and of CEDRIC! Yes I said it! He is on holiday (again) with his family in Adelaide in the Eastern Cape, South Africa on a hunting trip! So unfair! I also want to be there! :(
Luckily I have that long weekend in Mossel Bay to look forward too! :)

Just to rub the little Green monster off on the rest of you, this is where Cedric is at the moment (till Sunday to be exact):

It looks soooo peaceful! Just want to sit there and take it ALL in! 

And to share my pain with you, this is what I'm doing:

So yes I am Green with jealousy and not afraid to admit it! But honestly, can you blame me???
And yes I am counting down the days till Cedric is back with me! 

"If luck weren't involved, I'd win every tournament." - Phil Hellmuth

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mossel Bay and Sunshine Tour!

I am very excited that I will be going to visit my father in my hometown for a nice long weekend end September! Another weekend to look forward too! And I will be supporting my celebrity boyfriend (wink wink) while he will be playing golf at Fancourt for the Sunshine Tour!
Well done for making it this far baby!

(Image thanks to Google)

"Tough times never last, but tough people do." - Dr. Robert Schuller

Monday, 13 August 2012

Poo for Mondays!

Well well well, who could have guessed it. Monday decided to make it's appearance one day earlier! I hate Mondays! I honestly think Mondays are only in our lives to make it miserable and unforgiving! From what I've experienced I always end up being the grumpiest on this day. Don't ask me why it just happens! If only Monday fell under the weekend our relationship would be so much better!
Let's get back to what we have been up to the past weekend. We had a nice public holiday on Thursday (9 August 2012), and it was Woman's Day! We are so awesome that they actually gave us our own Holiday! Yay to us!
We spent our day hmmm seems like I'm struggling of that short term memory loss I told you about before now. Oh yes now I remember, we went SHOPPING! How on earth could I forget that??? Yes and Cedric did spoil me! Yay to Cedric!
After that we had a Neighbour Club braai! (Let me quickly explain this to you - we are renting a cottage in someone's garden. So there is the Main house with 3 cottages on the property. And all of us are like a mini family) So now that we have that explained let me go on. Cedric made the yummiest fillet on the Weber and the wine was flowing freely!

Friday we babysat the cutest guy alive (after Cedric that is) - Landan! Yes my sisters cute little boy! You really just want to eat him up when you see him! So cute!

The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping LATE! (what's new there?) and eating lots of crap! Well not everything I ate was crap, Saturday Cedric's sister and her husband arrived in SA and came to us for dinner. And once again we had the yummy fillet on the Weber!
(Yes that is Cedric's specialty! And he rocks with it and any other type of food making you can think of) Unfair! I am terrible in the kitchen! Then the part came to take the group picture at the dinner table! I do not own a tripod! (Note to self - invest in one asap) So look what we ended up using! I knew it would come in handy one day! (joking I actually do use it in summer times, every day to be exact)

And this is the end result to our awesome Tripod!

And the food:

The crap eating part happened yesterday, it involved me having Wimply for lunch (yes I only got out of bed again at 11:30 so by the time Cedric got back from gym it was lunch time!)

I'm firmly believing that when Cedric goes to gym he is actually taking my fat with him, that is why I don't exercise in winter and eat as much as I want! And I will continue believing that till someone tells me otherwise!
After lunch we went on a major shopping spree! I hate these ones because we act like we have all the money in the world and just spend! We bough our first ipod! Woohoo!

Now to figure out how itunes work!
The evening we went to dinner at The Grillhouse with his brother and his wife and his sister and her husband!
We also spent our evenings watching the PGA!

And my favourite player won! Well done to Rory Mcilroy!
And that my wonderful bloggers are a weekend in our lives!

"Great lives are the culmination of great thoughts followed by great actions." - Peter Sinclair

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

{Fashion} Georgie-B, climbing the ladder of Success!

Good morning all my fellow Journeyers!
Today I am going to brag a bit about my friend again and how they are making wonders in the world of fashion!
Last night they had a Radio Interview on one of our local radio stations, RSG.
They did extremely well and I even recorded it. I am very proud of our South African Youth to work this hard and make such a big success of their dreams!
I apologise for the bad quality and the fact that the interview is in my home language Afrikaans, but I will take out key notes from the interview for you!

  • Georgie - B have been up and running for a year and 2 months now.
  • The Summer Range will be available in selected stores Mid August.
  • Their label is very diverse and can be worn for any occasion.
  • They also have a swim line label called Georgie - Beach.
If you want to see more of these ladies, they will be at {Kamers vol Geskenke, Lourensford Estate, Somerset West, Cape Town, 21 October 2012 - 27 October 2012}, make sure to go say hello and support the young designers of our world.

They have also been featured in Marie Claire, and will be in the August Issue of Sarie. Look out for them in Glamour and also Cosmopolitan.

Well done to them and may they take over the world with their amazing Georgie-B label!
Be sure to go visit their website on!

"With the right leadership and work environment, employees will excel." - Brenda Nyhus

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Yesterday they predicted that we will have extremely cold weather in South Africa and especially in Gauteng (where we live).

But no one expected what happened during the night! It SNOWED! Most parts of Gauteng is covered under a white blanket of snow! Strange how snow can bring out the child in adults! Cedric and myself were busy jumping up and down like two toddlers because of the VERY LIGHT snow we had at home lunch time. And all of us are hoping for it to get even worse during the day and hopefully by tomorrow our area will also be covered!

This is how it looks in Meyerton - I just want to go make snow angels in it!

And Lelande sent me this from Joburg CBD -

And I am sure most of my blogger friends are used to this type of snow if not even worse! But this is a very rare occasion for us South Africans, or rather Gauteng.
We don't have clothes for snow so this is how I had to go to work today to keep extra warm, and if it wasn't for the heaters in the office I promise you I would have stayed at home today! (sneaky grin)

The weather just looks super gloomy today. :( Bed, movies, pancakes and hot chocolate weather if you ask me!

So everyone in South Africa and wherever else it's winter, stay warm! For everyone where it's summer and hot, you suck! haha! Kidding! No but really! I am over winter! Summer please come! :)

"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!" - Dr. Seuss

Monday, 6 August 2012

{Travel} Last day in Paris!

Today (30 July 2012) is our last day in Paris and I cannot believe how fast the time flew by! Murphy sucks! Things you don't enjoy doing takes forever and things you love flies by! Oh well this is part of life and we have to start getting used to it? NOT! Who wants to get used to something like that?!

Anyway so today was filled with different emotions again, we were so sad to leave because this meant back to work and winter! But also so happy because now we can go back to driving around in our own cars and eating all the South African food that I have missed! Like boerewors and pap! Yummy! On that note I think I have to invite my mother over to make me some pap. (I suck with this, mine always burns)
We took the bus to Notre Dame to do our FINAL shopping. We bought the prettiest oil paintings and more souvenirs! I think I've spent more money on souvenirs that on food here! Oops!

We had a lovely lunch in a street across and up the road from Notre Dame.  

And each of us had something different, I had a Dagwood (Pic 1), Cedric had Mash and Sausage (Pic 2), Alan had Beef Tartar (Pic 3) and Lelande had a cheese, tomato and pesto baguette (Pic 4).

And some of the interesting cocktails they had on the menu! Hilarious!

On our way home Cedric took some pictures. :) My talented boyfriend!

After our busy day we relaxed a bit at home (which meant packing and cleaning), and went for a nice dinner at the same place as our first dinner on our first day.

And for dinner Cedric and I had the Fish of the day which was Sole and Salmon (Pic 1), Lelande had a burger, which came without a roll, haha (Pic 2) and Alan had the duck (Pic 3).

After dinner we rushed to the Eiffel Tower to watch the lights go on for the last time! That was sad because I loved doing this! 

Of course I couldn't leave Paris without having my last Nutella Crepes at the best little kiosk ever!

And the next morning we were ready and on our way at 06:30am and not looking forward to another loooong butt flight! 

After 24hours of travelling we home safely and the unpacking started, washing and cleaning and now I wish I was back at the ET. But look at ALL the souvenirs! EEEEKKK!

And this is what I leave you with, a post with a crap load of pictures to entertain yourselves. Hope you enjoyed it! Took me a while to finish but at least I kept my promise and my holiday posts are up to date! Now till the next big holiday, I will keep you happy with weekend happenings.

"Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishments." - Thomas Carlyle