Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Insta - Tuesday

It's that time of the week again! Enjoy pretty people!

My OOTD // This is how we dehydrate with heat waves // My look for the day // Spending some time in the outdoors // Soaking up the sun // Missing this little man // Wish I was back here funky toes and all // My new fav drink - sugar free // Look who brought a little good luck to our home (didn't work coz the poop hit the fan the following morning) // Some girly time with me friendy

And there you have it, I know I am a little late with this post but I am feeling a little under the weather so bare with me please!
Much love

Monday, 14 January 2013

{Food} Trans Karoo - Great Brak River

Wow remember I told you to stay tuned for the post about the mouthwatering yummy food? Well here it is.....
Cedric and I love finding restaurants with good food. And unfortunately restaurants in South Africa don't know how to serve humanly portions. Everything needs to be BIG! Well with BIG you can't have starters, mains and desert. You have to chose only 2. And still feel full after that!
Anyway I am going staggering away from the point I am trying to get too. Joni told us about the lovely little restaurant almost hidden away in the tiny town of Great Brak River (if you can even call it a town).
Great Brak River, Western Cape, you will find when driving on the N2. 
My sister and I before we left for some exploring.
So Sunday, while driving around deciding what to eat we said why not try and find this place for lunch. We stopped there at 11:30am to a empty restaurant. Only to find out that they only open at 12. So we made a reservation for 12, and good thing we did as they were fully booked. (well the outside at least). And with perfect weather we had to get a table outside.

If it wasn't for this board we would have completely missed the place.
The Menu
Trans Karoo is next to the railway, and looks like it might have been a little Train station at some point in time. Very cute. The menu is limited but exquisite dishes. Nothing you would expect from Mossel Bay (sorry).
And this is the place where we discovered my favorite semi-sweet white wine - Karusa. We have never heard of this wine but what a nice refreshing wine!

The wine I've been raving about.
Handsome man with his beer.
Me and my wineeee.
We decided to share a starter, after that I was already so full, so I decided on a double starter potion and Cedric took what the waitress suggested.

Starters - Curried Coconut Fish Cakes
Cedric Main - Grilled Hake with Beurre Blanc Sauce
My Mains - Double Portion of Honey & Citrus glazed Prawns
We made a little friend too.
No words can describe how happy we were with the outcome of this meal. Unfortunately I was so full after my meal that I had NO space for desert! I know right! Me? No space for desert? Never! But yes I was stuffed to the max!

So if you ever find yourself in that area, do yourself a favor and go to Trans Karoo. Just remember to book!
Hope everyone had a blast of a weekend!
Much love

Friday, 11 January 2013

{Travel} Let's take on the Road - Mossel Bay here we come!

The holiday FINALLY starts, and the car is packed and we are ready to hit the road! Seeing as I still worked the Friday we decided to make the road more bearable and sleep over halfway. Unfortunately we waited for our famous no.99 again but managed to land ourselves a cancellation spot. {I would say this is the first good sign to a great holiday}.

Here we come Trompsburg, and I would guess that most of you like myself at the time must be like, where the hell is this place? Well it is exactly in the middle of Bloemfontein (Free State) and Colesberg.

Image thanks to Google Maps
Cedric stopped at my office at exactly 12:45 and we hit the road, excited about being free from work for the next 15 days.
This little town is filled with old houses and a coffee shop that I just wanted to stop at but unfortunately we were running against the clock.
We saw lots of pretty windmills {you should know by now how obsessed I am with these}, and clouds that looked fluffy enough to jump on.

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go!
Cute Windmill between all the cactus...
Finally arrived at our stopover for the night! Hello Trompsburg...
The place was extremely neat and well looked after....
The breathtaking scenic route through the Meiringspoort Pass. {Irritating to drive 40km/h though}
The next morning we were up bright and early ready to hit the road again for the last leg of our trip. We arrived alive, and went straight to Sea Gypsy to go celebrate my sister's husband's birthday.
The day was filled with a lot of driving and special moments.

Cedric, Landan and myself.
The birthday boy and my beautiful sister.
My daddy and his other half {heart}
One of those "special moments" caught on camera! {love}
Seafood platters! Yum {wish we took this}
And that my dear Journeyers are the roundup from our first day of holiday!!!!
Stay tuned to read all about the drop dead yummy, mouthwatering food we ate next week!
Much Love

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I have a few whole bunch of holiday pics that I still have to share with you, but till then I will share what I've shared on Instagram.
Enjoy it Journeyers!!!

1. The newlyweds stopped over at our place before heading for their hornymoon (this is her words not mine). whaha Love my bestie!
2. What's a get together without some yummy Woolworths desert!
3. And some fooling around....
4. Bags packed and ready to go on HOLIDAY!
5. Yummy lunch at Trans Karoo in Great Brak River, Western Cape. Where we were also introduced to a delicious wine - Karusa.
6. A little special time with a view. 
7. Christmas day. :) Family time!
8. Another delicious lunch in Wilderness at Salina's. Look at the view!
9. Date Steak Night! 
10. Lunch with mother dear at Sea Gypsy, Mossel Bay.

11. Some celebrating for no specific reason. It's HOLIDAY, that's why!
12. Love birds....{heart}
13. Amazing clouds with the sunset.
14. We found the wine farm where they make that yummy wine in Oudtshoorn of all places!
15. Some golf at Oubaai, Heroldsbay.
16. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

17. Our next part of the holiday, Adelaide, Eastern Cape.
18. Our evenings were spent like this, wine next to a fire.
19. And cute puppies!!!
20. Cedric did some hunting and shot a trophy Impala. Well done boo. #notafan
21. We did some game driving and came across these cuties. #lovegiraffes
22. And back home. {not happy}

And there you have it. A recap of my holiday in photo's, I will do some detailed posts of what we did. Well I will share mostly photo's. Who doesn't enjoy some photo's!!!???
See you guys soon.
Much love....

"We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them." - Kahlil Gibran