Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Another week has passed and I am sitting with a horrible flu! {sob sniff sniff}
Wish I can just lie in bed now and not sit at work. But one has to work! :(
Let's see what I have in store for you for today!
Tomorrow we have a Public Holiday in South Africa and I cannot wait for it! Relaxation to the max!
My father and his other half is also here but will leave those details for another post.

Have fun!

1. Dinner with Cedric's father after my Pop up Shop.
2. A little friend we had living in our house for like a week!
3. My favorite!!! (chocaholic to the max - yes please)
4. Our car matches the color of the berries in the bush. 
5. Some sushi for lunch at Rhapsody's Bryanston.
6. My Georgie.B Leather Collar Shirt.
7. My new Jersey from Truworths.
8. My pretty nails. {heart} purple.
9. Who is a dirty boy? My boo is!
10. It was this pretty blonde's birthday! {love her}

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
I cannot wait for tomorrows day off!

Friday, 26 April 2013

{Interview} I'm "Smit-ten" for this lady's work...Clarita Smit!

Today I have a little treat in store for you guys, especially for my Journeyers who live in Cape Town!!!
I have a very talented friend that has her own business there and I decided to ask her a few questions and this way we get to know the face behind the business.

Her name is Clarita Smit (get where I got the Title from? how clever am I? Joking) and she's born and bred in Mossel Bay and received her Diploma at Isa Carstens in 2008. But please go read more about her and what her passions are on her blog = CLARITA SMIT

Let's get this "interview" on the way...
(I will be referring to myself (The Interviewer) as JS and to Clarita (The Interviewee) as CS.)

JS: So Clarita, where and when did your passion for make-up and beauty start?
CSI Cannot remember the exact date/year. But as a young girl, I always loved playing with my Mothers make-up. I remember I had so much make-up of my own for a young girl, I used to have all the “tinkerbell” make-up sets. I still have these files, where I collected pictures and beauty tips while I was in primary school! In High school I was always the one that had to make-up the girls with a night out. I think I was 13 when I said to my Mother that I am going to Study Health and Skin Care – which includes make-up. I didn't change my mind at all, so I Studied at Isa Carstens Health and Skin Care Academy 2006-2007. Make-up/Beauty industry is just the love of my life…

JS: Wow so this passion has been coming a long way, tell me, what is your best tip for a girl with oily skin? (Like me) 
CSIts easy to cover imperfections with make-up, but great/amazing make-up application comes with a great skincare routine... I believe in Professional Skin Care Products, that is suited for your skin type. 2 Examples of Professional Skin Care Products that do wonders for Oily skin is Nimue and Regim A. And to go for regular treatments / Facial peels. When it comes to Make-up, Use primer “ Photo finish: from Smachbox – it’s amazing, it controls the shine but still gives you healthy looking skin, and your make-up/foundation will last so much longer. Foundation, I’ll say use Mac Studio Fix.

JS: Thanks for the tip, ;) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
CSA dream come true will be to be part of fashion shows and magazines (to work as a make-up artist) – So I dream big!! But actually I don’t have a 5 year plan, which is so weird, cause I am such a perfectionist, but I live/work for the day, and just keep trying to do my best in my industry. (But my name will be known in 5 years wink wink)

JS: Nothing wrong with dreaming big! What triggered you to make the beautiful Mother City (Cape Town) "your" place?
CSBeing a “small-town” girl till the age of 18, I just knew my dreams are too big for a small town… I love Cape Town, I think it’s one of the best places in the world! AND then, I met my husband when we were still in school, and he lived in Cape Town, South Africa, so I knew, I had to come and live here. <3

JS: Can't argue with that answer. And as a business woman, you do you intend on keeping your clients happy?
CSI LOVE all my clients, I am truly blessed with every single one. I think, why it works so well for me – I have a very special/personal bond with everyone, but still professional – they feel they can tell me anything (friendship level), and it will stay with me – and it truly does, but at the same time, if I do something – work wise- that they don’t approve off, they can tell me without hurting my feelings, and I’ll do my best to live up to their expectations. I strive to give them the BEST!!

JS: So you truly do go the extra mile, and with that you must have a at least one favorite make-up memory moment?
CSJeeezzz, I have more than one! Every bride / Matric Farewell is so much fun for me to do. Being so close with the client is amazing. I also met Rae Morris (famous Make-up artist) this year. I was completely starstruck.

JS: Rae Morris, that's rather impressive. Do you have any suggestions and tips for woman "getting started" on beauty?
CSDon’t let it be “work/business” for you, it’s supposed to be fun. I think that is why I love my what I do so much, it never feels like work, when I am at a client, I can spend hours and hours beautifying her, my husband usually calls me and asks when I will be coming home. And try to see a client as a individual.

JS: Haha sounds like your husband is very proud of you too though. How will you describe your personality best suited to your business venture in 10 words?
CSVintage, Fun, MAC, Caring, Professional, Daring, loyal, Passionate, loving, Positive 

JS: I am a Vintage fan myself, and that's why I loved Paris so much. I see you have been there too. What is your fondest holiday memory?
CSOh, that’s easy – PARIS, France with my Husband (best place in the whole world)

JS: Amen to that. And last but not least, do you mind sharing 5 of your happiest memories with us in photo's?
CS: These pictures are all recent. Memories that are close to my heart.
Hubby and I in Paris
Madame Sigara with the family, I loved the face painting
Hubby and I celebrating our birthdays in Cape Town, it is only one day apart. We stayed at the Fire and Ice hotel for the night, pub crawled and painted the town red. It was so much fun!
Most amazing animal.
Again from Paris, Disney Land.

And there you have it my lovely Journeyers. A look inside the life of the lovely Clarita Smit.
If you want to find out more please feel free to go visit her at the following spots:

TWITTER - @clarita_smit1

Hope you had as much fun as I had reading and getting to know her a little bit better!
Looking forward to seeing your name in magazines one day Clarita!
Till next time!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I just love Instagram TOOOO much to not be doing this post every week!
Since I have been MIA in the whole blogging scene I have to warn you that this one will be a biggy!!!
A catch up of almost 3 months Insta Pics!!!

Let's do this!!!

1. Family Reunion in Mossel Bay 
2. Weekend away with Boo Boo
3. The place we stayed at (Biki-Bini-Bos)
4. Quality time with Cedric's brother
5. The amazing thunder on our bush weekend away
6. The elephants we saw (one of my favorite animals)
7. My Valentines day outfit
8. Valentines dinner at home
9. Sunsets (love)
10. Rocking a sock bun

1. Fun moments
2. Family time
3. Family time
4. Quality time with a friend
5. Waiting for friends for our dinner night
6. Friends have arrived
7. Outfits
8. Easter egg hunt
9. Wedding time in Harties
10. Our new set of wheels (bushtrips are in order)

1. Trip to the Pilanesberg and saw lions
2. My sisters birthday
3. My first ever Pop up Shop
4. Enjoying some vino

So I apologise again for bombarding you with photo's but had to bring you up to date with my life! :)

Don't forget to go have a look at my Georgie.B Online Shop where you can purchase your one of a kind Georgie.B items!!! Promise it won't disappoint! 

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, 22 April 2013

{Beauty} Love for a certain Kandykane...

Happy Monday!!! NOT! My Monday is busted up black and blue!
But always concentrate on the good they say! Every cloud has a silver lining!

Today I bring to you a very close friend of mine who started her own Business "Kandykane Makeup".
Her passion for Make up has been growing for the past 8 years and if you look at her Portfolio you can see why she loves it sooo much, she is really VERY talented and good and to top it off she's pretty too!

And if you don't believe me see for yourself:

You see? I told you she is one talented young lady! Now do yourself a favor and follow her on twitter @kandykanetweet or her blog http://kandykanelove.blogspot.com/ or Instagram @kandykaneinsta And I promise she won't disappoint!

I hope your weekends were bashing and cannot wait to hear what you were up to so please comment and share the fun!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

{Fashion} My first Georgie.B Pop Up Shop

Welcome back to me!!!! Joking.. no seriously! I am very happy to be back!
Firstly I want to say welcome to the new improved "Our Journey to Everywhere" blog all thanks to the wonderful Megan Wait and my dear friend Mariaan Swanepoel.

Let's get back to what this post is all about. I had the amazing opportunity to host the first of MANY Georgie.B Pop up Shops in Johannesburg. As you have read before, my very talented friend Christine Barrett is the brains behind this beautiful brand.

It all started with Cedric and myself working very hard to get everything ready for the big day, from building clothing rails, to building wooden frames for the banners to cutting out logo's to put on every open available space. Saturday arrived and the ladies started arriving one by one. My excitement and nerves grew bigger by each second.
To keep it short, the event turned out to be a big success with lots of clothes being tried on and loads of laughs.
{Some decor}
{Goodie Bags}
{The cupcakes by Sally}
{Some of the clothes on display}
{Clothes clothes clothes}
 {Trying on some clothes}
{Some browsing to the left and the handsome barman to the right}
{Amelia, who was nominated as best dressed and walked away with a pretty Leather clutch bag}
{All the lovely ladies that came out to show their support. And I finally met the lovely Megan Wait. // From left to right: Sally (who made the yummy cupcakes), Simone, Monica, Stacey, Megan, Myself, Alet, Amelia, Tracy and Ivanda. Lady behind the lens is Mariaan}

I want to thank Christine for putting her brand in my hands and trusting me enough to promote it as best I can. Then I also want to thank my great boyfriend for all his hard work and for playing barman with his wingman Chris, and my mother and sister for all your help before the event with the finishing touches, Sally for taking time out of her Saturday morning to bake like 50 mouthwatering cupcakes, and then my beautiful friend Mariaan Swanepoel for the designing of the invites and for taking these stunning photo's. Last but not least, I want to say thank you to each and every of the ladies that came to show their support. I could not have done it without any of you.

I had so much fun hosting this and cannot wait to host the next one...details to follow soon!
Hope to see you all and more there next time!
{You can read more about Georgie.B at HERE or follow them on twitter HERE follow their Facebook page HERE.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Stay tuned...

After lots of thinking I have decided that blogging is something I really feel strongly about! So please stick around. My first "comeback" blog is in the making! ;)

(Image thanks to Google)

Looking forward to catching up with all of you again soon!