Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My bargain buy {3euro dress}

Good morning!
I am taking a long weekend in 2 hours time! Yes! :)
As you all know, Cedric is playing the Golf Comp at Fancourt in George so I decided to take advantage of this and am flying down today. But I will be visiting my father in Mossel Bay! With just my luck I got sick Monday night and am sitting with a terrible flu! But that won't break my spirits!
So I promised you guys my first Fashion Blog! haha. Note that I suck with this, but seeing as everyone told me how pretty I looked I decided to do it. :)

Dress: H&M, Necklace & shoes: Mr Price

Apologies for my human accessory. He refused that I put him down. {I think he likes the camera}
So See you on the flip side!

"The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time." - Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Emmy Awards 2012 - My 3 Best & Worst

Okay so as you read in my previous post I was not able to watch E! Live from the Red Carpet on Sunday. {Sad face}
But I did watch the recap yesterday and must say some of those dresses were AMAZEBALLS!

So here is my Top 3 Best & Worst Dressed:

Best - Giuliana Rancic, wearing Rafael Cennamo {Do I even have to start explaining why she's under BEST dressed?} 

Best - Hayden Panettiere, wearing Marchesa {flawless beauty}

Best - Julianne Hough, wearing Georges Hobeika Couture {she looked amazing, and her eyes popped with this dress}

Worst - Elisabeth Moss, wearing Dolce & Gabbana {I just don't like all the details, too many frills and patterns}

Worst - Ashley Judd, wearing Carolina Herrera {WTF, Prom gone Wrong?}

Worst - Zosia Mamet, wearing Bihbu Mahoptra {mmmm no words}

And that's my recap of my Top 3 best & worst dressed!
Images thanks to Google, and Celebuzz.

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South Africans - we like our Braai's!

Hello all my lovely journeyers!
We had long weekend and it came at the perfect time, just because things were getting a bit too much and I wanted that one extra day.
That would also be the reason my post isn't on it's usual Monday slot. :) {sorry}
But you have 3 to look forward to in the next 2 days! Yes get excited as I am also going to do my very first fashion post! {GASP} Yes you read right! Fashion Post, that department that I completely suck at!
Anyway back to our weekend shenanigans.
We had friends over for a "Cedric Fillet Special" braai. Had so much fun!

 The bride and groom to be!

And also received our 4th wedding invite. {Weddings that will all take place in the next 8months} You know what that means! Shopping!!!! Woop woop!

And now I am experiencing one of my blank moments... I have no clue what we did Saturday! {oops}
Sunday my family came for a "Cedric's first attempt at a chicken webber braai", and we all could have guessed that it came out perfectly! My pro chef!

My mother, sister and Landan -
 My mother and I -
 The other bride & groom to be -
 Ipad crazy! 
 Good luck to this handsome man for this weeks final golf comp in George - 
 mmmm I only see now that Landan looks drunk!
 Sisters {heart}

And Landan is getting cuter by the day I swear! I just want to eat him up!

Yesterday was our public holiday, Heritage Day aka National Braai day! Yes that is correct, we even have our own holiday for having a braai! How cool is that???
Of course we also watched the Golf most of the weekend, and Congratulations to Brandt Snedeker for winning the Tour Championship and the FedExCup. At least we watched it in the best way possible!
Golf, Pizza and wine!

Stay tuned for the second post later today. I am a bit upset that I missed the E! Live from the Red Carpet for the Emmys. But will do my review of Top 3 Best and Worst dressed later!

"People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be." - Harvey Mackay

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I - BELIEVE - IN.....

  • Love, and having that 1 special someone to share it with is even better!
  • Cheat days {Yes that means eating a pack of your favorite sweet thing and not feeling guilty without sharing}
  • Having at least 1 day a month where you spend the whole day in your pajamas!
  • Laughing so hard that your stomach hurts, your eyes water and you start making pig noises. {it's normal}
  • Dancing till your feet hurts
  • Lying on the beach every day can become a occupation.
  • Travelling. Travel as much as your budget allows!
  • Paris {That really is the city of LOVE}
  • Going without makeup over weekends. {your skin needs rest too}
  • Exercising just before summer hits.
  • Not exercising when winter hits {a girl needs her rest - haha}
  • It is okay to be irritated with your parents at some stage, just remember they will always be there for you. So keep it short! :)
  • Acting like a kid sometimes makes you look and feel 10 years younger.
  • Pizza {enough said}
  • Friends {they keep you sane}
  • Friends come and go, and the older you get the more you realise your true friends are only a couple of few.
  • Nieces and Nephews {They crawl into your hearts and make it all warm and fuzzy}
  • Getting your hair cut every 8weeks! Keep it healthy peeps!
  • Manicures and Pedicures, they just make you feel 10x better!
  • Having a dream job and doing it, even if only for a short while. {Mine was being a flight attendant -and I did it} 
  • Blogging {It makes me happy}
  • Laughing till your stomach hurts, crying till your tears run dry, loving till your heart stops beating and just be HAPPY. It costs nothing and is therapy to the soul!
So go over and link up with Erin over at Living in Yellow and tell us what do YOU BELIEVE IN???

"The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team." - Unknown

P.S - all images thanks to google, except the ones I took myself. :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Wind Wind I'm asking you with knots in my hair - PLEASE GO AWAY!!!

As all of you know I have been threatening for a while now to start with golf, and as you have read here Cedric bought me my first golf set.
So last week Thursday I had my first lesson with a pro (thank you my baby)!
And you will not believe what a difference those 30min made! I have 4 more lessons left!
Cedric was also in the mood for a Golf weekend, and that is exactly what we did. We found a Self Catering 2 Bedroom House at Elements Private Golf Estate in Bela Bela and off we went Friday in the traffic for our weekend getaway!
The Estate

You will also remember reading about this place, where I said how terrible the road is to get there, and I told Cedric the only way we will go is if we rent a car (I am sorry my car cannot go through that trauma again)! ;)

The 12km dirt road

Anyway so we were off in the horrible traffic in the rental car. After 4hours we finally arrived! (this should take you 1hr 30min without traffic)

Upon arrival we encountered a few hiccups but sorted that out with screaming talking calmly at each other.

The swimming pool and boma area of the house
 The living areas and terrace
 The bedrooms ( they are separate from the house area)
 The views

 Bedrooms from the other side
 Entrance of house
 And we saw some Kudu's

And look who was waiting inside the house for us! I almost died!

Thanks to stupid Murphy the wind picked up and the clouds grew darker! Thanks Murphy you suck!
And there all our "what are we eating this weekend" planning went down the drain! Because you see, when we have self catering weekends away the only thing we do is braai! Well duh what else will you do???
And thanks to the wonderful wind the braai was scratched for the Friday and we had toast! haha
Luckily we weren't that hungry, after 4hours in a car with traffic, crap weather and snacking (yummy biltong) you tend to not feel very hungry!
A nice fire to cosy the place up a bit!

Cedric invited one of his friends and these 2 partied up a storm the Friday while I was snoring away on the couch, because I am sorry, I do not sleep alone at places with spiders bigger than a ant! So I made myself comfy on the couch till Cedric woke me at 3am!

Then the fun and games started as they had a 8:45am tee off! They looked so rested and fresh! NOT! haha!
And then Cedric thought it was a good idea to force ask me nicely to play with them (yes he asked someone who can only hit the ball sort of properly with a 7 iron with only 1 pro lesson behind her to play golf)
And he bribed me with clothes, pffft did he really think that was going to work? (it did, and I got a very pretty golf jacket, thanks boo)
I finally played with my pink golf balls
 Check that swing baby!
 And look how cute I look in my golf attire! 
 Pink ball!!!
 Pro's in the making!
 And here I hit a tree!


I did sooo well crap! haha Cedric told me to only hit from like 100m from the hole, and after the first 13 holes my score was at +21! After I saw that I was too embarrassed to play further so I slept on the golf cart.

We actually managed to braai that evening as the wind settled only a little. And the partying continued and then melktertjies thought it was funny to make their appearance!
Cheers to the freaking weekend!

I hate shooters but melktertjies you just cannot say no too!
Notice that the mo is back! (facepalm)

Well the night ended more or less the same as the previous one, me sleeping on the couch and the men drinking.
Dreamland! Cannot believe I put this photo up.

Bedtime came at 2am! We slept nice and late, thank goodness and then we took on the long road back! What a fun weekend! I love our weekend getaways boo! Thank you so much for the weekend!

P.S. - Murphy who I was referring to is Murphy's law!

Have a mooing Monday!
"The secret to happiness is to make others believe they are the cause of it." - Al Batt