Thursday, 29 November 2012

{Fashion} My first Georgie-B item!!!! {LoVe}

Yes I finally purchased my first Georgie-B item!
It's the Collarless Jacket in light blue. And I am head over heels in love with it!
Thank you Christine for introducing your amazing talents to the country and hopefully one day the world!
Here is my attempt at self portraits....Enjoy! hehe

 I love the cut!

 So proud!
And look at the cute ring she sent me as a little gift! {Thanks friend}

And I already ordered my second item, a maxi dress. Will show you as soon as I receive it! Excited much? Hell yes!

Christmas spirit is running high here! Love it!

P.S. - Remember I had trouble uploading photo's onto my blog? Well seems like I can upload low quality pics. So sorry about the bad quality! If any of you know how to get more memory for photo's please let me know.

"Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible." - Jane Rubietta

Weekend Wrap Up

It's halfway through the week Journeyers!!!!
Which means its time to start planning the next weekends "what to do's".
Let me first tell you about what we did the past weekend. {I also included some photo's of my mother's birthday}

I had some Mother daughter nephew bonding time and I loved it!
Cedric was at a bachelors and so the mother and daughters used it to spend some quality time together.
We spent the day shopping and watching DVD's {perfect way to spend a saturday}. I also like always LOVE spending time with little Landan. He is getting cuter by the day and it feels to me like he grew so much in only a few short days. I swear every time I see him he's more intelligent and bigger. But also so much more adorable!

The Sunday I went with my mother to go do the Bachelorette shopping for this Saturday, I am not going to post any pics of what I bought as my sister is extremely nosy with regards to what I am planning! "Nuuskierige agie brand sy magie"! A little saying we have for curious people in Afrikaans. But I will fill you in next week on how much fun we had / are going to have at the Bachelorette!
So stay tuned!

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely" - Auguste Rodin

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A very HaPpY biRtHdAy to.....

MY BABY BOO!!!!!!!!
Congratulations with your big day baby, hope it is very special, just like you! {heart}
I love you with all my heart!


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

{Food} "Melt" in your mouth truffles

It's halfway through the week and I am very excited for the weekend!
Well who wouldn't be? It's the only time us hard working people have to take a breather. haha who am I kidding! Joking I actually am very hard working! In my silent ninja type of way!
So this is my way of rewarding myself during a hectic work week.....CHOCOLATE!
One of my friends told me about this little chocolate / coffee shop in NicolWay, Bryanston. And after reading her post on this little shop I just HAD to go see it for myself. And this is what I ended up choosing (you will notice I did not choose "way out" flavors like she did, I'm a fussy eater) -

Honeycomb - Nice and exactly what the name says. Plus I am a Crunchy fan!

Milo - Not my favorite. But the texture of the filling was smooth.

Brownie - Tasted exactly like a brownie with chocolate over it. Although the Brownie was good. Will eat only the brownie part. Who doesn't love brownies, I mean cm'on!

Turkish Delight - OMG! Yummy, I loved this one and the Turkish delight was amazing! Will def go buy more of these.

Marshmallow - Very very good! The chocolate melts in your mouth like velvet and the marshmallow was a nice added flavour to it!

Caramel - Very good. Enough said.

I am a chocoholic hands down!
Let's just say ME + CHOCOLATE = HAPPY in cloud NINE!

So do yourself a big aching tooth favor and visit their website (which looks awesome) or go visit them in person at Nicolway.

Have a sweet Wednesday Journeyers!
"Dreams are illustrations...from the book your soul is writing about you." - Marsha Norman

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

{Food} Tsunami Morningside - Best Sushi in town!

It's Wednesday peeps! Already!
Time flies when you are working hard having fun!
Last week Thursday Cedric felt like having prawns and Sushi. We always go to the same places and I was getting tired of that so there I was on this amazing website I discovered a few months ago that makes it extremely easy to find great restaurants in your area and make bookings.
So we found Tsunami in Morningside.
The ambiance and look of the place is smart but also very relaxed. 
We ordered a starter and main each. Lucky for us Thursdays are Sushi Specials!
The place is very reasonably priced the food is AMAZEBALLS! Trust me!

For starters we had:
 Prawn Tempura

For Mains we had:
 Prawn Tempura California Roll and Crab Maki Rolls

The only thing we were not happy with was that the food took a bit too long to get to us. {But I think that might also be that we were starving!}
Our waiter did apologise for the delay though which I thought was very sweet as we didn't complain about it.

But if I have to give it a score out of 10, it would definitely get a 8!
Hope this made your mouths water at least a bit! ;)
Happy Wednesday all!
"I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself." - Oprah Winfrey

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Paris Video! {Love}

Okay, so I had my first attempt at Windows Movie Maker after our holiday in Paris. (I cannot believe it's already been 3 months since our holiday)
And this was the end result, I also made dvd's of it and gave it to all the special people in our lives as a little souvenir! :)

Hope you all like it! :) And let me know if you would like to see more of these from our trips!
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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Arts on Main

Happy Movember people!
I am really keeping my blog busy this week! Impressed? I am! {not - joking} haha
Last week I decided we should try something new in Johannesburg. The city is so big with so many different things and places that we still need to explore but we always seem to try and escape it, so why not embrace it?
That's when I decided to go to Arts on Main / Market on Main. And as luck would have it while scrolling through all the blog updates I saw that one of my favorite bloggers over at SFL was there just the previous Sunday! I swear it was like she was in my mind! Creeping around.
So after reading her experience there I was even more excited to go.
After finding friends that actually wanted to join us in the dangerous safety conscious city of Joburg we ventured off, with Cedric freaking out on me about 20 times saying I'm trying to kill him for bringing him there ,we finally found the place {GPS tend to loose signal in the city}.
WOW - what an experience, you see I swear I was a hippie in my previous life! When I see a hippie I just go into my own little wonderland where I'm flying "high" {excuse the pun} and loving life in a peaceful manner.
The vibe, food and people here are just amazing! The only thing I hated was the fact that I can spend a whole months salary there!
Main Entrance
 The outside (little places where you can sit and eat)
 My friend says her wedding planner had a wedding here as a venue - it was breathtaking appartenly
 The views
The Market Area
Inside - "the food court"
 Who's this sexy couple???
 The bride to be! (next year Sept)
The colorful graffiti in the streets
 This just caught my attention - I love it!
 Isn't this amazing? Talented people in this world!
 I loved this little street "cafe"
I bought myself this cute little necklace for R40!!! Can anyone say BAR-GAIN?!
 And some of the best macaroons that we've ever tasted! 

If you are interested in spending a relaxed Sunday like this, you can read more about Arts on Main here.
Also, I took the business cards for the above two talented peeps, but do you think I can find it now? NO! But I will go look for it and get back to you guys and add it to the post!

Have a fantabulous Thursday all you crazy pigeons! {wink - that's a good thing}
"The most decisive actions of our life...are most often unconsidered actions." - Andre Gide