Friday, 29 June 2012

{Fashion} Georgie. B Clothing Line!!!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Today's blog is for all the Fashion Bloggers and fashion lovers out there!!! So read carefully! 

Do yourself a BIG favour and go look at my VERY TALENTED friend's amazing Clothing Line!
You will fall in love with her amazing sense of style and her way of capturing beauty and detail in every clothing piece they make.
I know you will love this range and hope that soon your closets will be overflowing with Georgie. B items!!!

GO ON, visit the website.....NOW! :)


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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

{Food} The Silver Birch Restaurant - Randpark Ridge

Saturday (23 June 2012) I finally met one of my long time Facebook friends for breakfast!
We have been talking on Facebook for almost 4years now I think and we never had time to get together!
Sounds terrible!
Anyway she told me about the place that her one friend is always going on about so we decided to give it a try.
What a nice place! It is located in the Lifestyle Garden Centre and I fell in love with the place, especially after they told me they have a variety of different flavored hot chocolates! I immediately took the Bar One flavour! Yum!
While deciding what to have for breakfast from the wide variety of foods the manager came up to Louise and started talking to her as if they were old friends.
Well in the end she did not know him and he made up our minds for us on what to eat!
Both of us decided to go for the Berry specials.
She had the Spring Berries on Bruschetta (Pic 1) and I had the Flapjacks with Mixed Berries (Pic 2).

If I wasn't so full I would have finished it all. It was extremely good!

This is my friend Louise and I -

And then lucky me, I was feeling a bit ill the friday already and when I got home the saturday after our breakfast I was man down. I spent the day sleeping, literally.
The Sunday we went for lunch at Thatchers. My sister her boyfriend and Landan joined us later that day and we finished our weekend with a braai and baking cake!

And it is Wednesday now and I am finally back at work after being booked off sick Monday and Tuesday.

Please go visit their website - (this is the best I could do as the original website is under construction)
and we love going here for a relaxed lunch and to watch whatever sport is on.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

Lets see what we were up to the past weekend!
Friday I was really in a party mood and wanted to go to Buddha Ta, but Cedric said it was too cold to go out. (I had to agree with him)
So we opted for a night in instead. We ordered pizza, drank wine, started the fireplace and watched the US Golf Open.

Saturday we met some friends for the rugby at Dros in Bellairs.
What a night, most of the friends don't even remember us leaving, I think that says a lot.

And yesterday it was our 23 Month Anniversary, only ONE month from the big 2! :)
Cedric sent me for a nice Mani and Pedi at The Fairway Hotel & Spa. I love that place!
The colour I chose is called "I'm not really a waitress" - love it!

And we ended our weekend on a high note, hot chocolate, fireplace and the US Open! :) Bliss!
By the way, the winner of the US Open was Webb Simpson - congratulations!

Please go visit the website for The Fairway Hotel & Spa -

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunshine Tour - Vodacom Origins of Golf - Zebula

Cedric was invited to play in the above Pro-Am competition at Zebula Lodge 6 - 7 June 2012.
I am an extremely proud girlfriend, because they came 3rd! :)
And he has been invited to play in the Pro-Am Finals at Fancourt, George in September 2012.

Congratulations my Pro! ;)

Cedric is far right! Sorry bad quality picture, I downloaded it from the Sunshine Tour website.

And here is the Top 10 Pro-Am Players (look at spot 3 - C Dalais)

Well done baby, you made all your family, friends and especially me very proud!
We will see you in the finals! 

"Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try"

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there and I hope your day was special!
And to my Father, thank you so much for everything you do for my! You truly are a blessing!

Happy Fathers Day to Cedric's father too!

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What I'm reading

I started reading the 3rd book of the Lauren Conrad books -"Sugar and Spice" and I am still addicted to it!

Cannot wait to finish this one and start the next one!
And at the back of my "The Lucky One" book I saw they added a list of all the Nicholas Spark books.
That will be next on my Reading list after the Lauren Conrad books!

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Monday, 11 June 2012

{Food} Dukes Burgers - Greenside

Friday night (8 June 2012) we went for dinner with friends that got engaged recently!
After struggling to decide where to go, Katie recommended this amazing burger place.
And seeing as I am a huge burger fan we decided to go there...WOW!

I have never seen such a big variety of burgers, and they are massive.
Cedric and myself like having our burger nights at home where we also try and see how big we can stack the burger, and Dukes won!

It's just humanly impossible to eat it with your hands, and those who want to try be my guest, just make sure to send me a pic of that! haha

I had "The Big Cheese" (Pic 1) and Cedric had "The New Yorker" (Pic 2).

The place itself was great, very busy but that made it fun. This time we sat inside because it was freezing, but next time we will sit outside. Cedric had a look outside and he preferred outside.
We had so much fun and I haven't laughed that much in so long! My head actually started hurting!

So thank you to Katie and Gordon for a fun evening out and Congratulations again on your engagement!

Please go visit Dukes Burgers website -

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

{Food} Succulent Cafe - Northcliff

Today Lelande and myself got together for what was supposed to be a breakfast at 11am!

Well that did not exactly work out as I woke up at 11am! Great! I hate when I sleep through my alarm.
Anyway our 11am get together became a 12 o'clock get together! haha

The main reason for our breakfast was to start organising all our things for the Visa's for Paris!
There is so much planning to do and documents to get. But we our appointments are made for our Visa's and I cannot believe how fast time flies.

Anyway while we decided where to go I thought that seeing as Succulent Cafe is on my "Places and Things to do list" we should go there. You know kill 2 flies with one shot!

And I love this place, the food was good, the decor was sooo sweet, actually reminds me of one of my friends, Jurike.

Lucky for us we missed the breakfast rush. But the owner was sweet enough to let us still order breakfast.
Lelande ordered the Scrambled eggs with Sundried tomatoes, Basil Pesto and Rocket and I ordered Spicy Eggs on Tomato Salsa. It was very good.

Please go have a look on the website! -

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{Food} Fego Cafe - Nicolway

Last week Monday (28 May 2012) after our weekend away with my father and Joni we went to Nicolway Bryanston for a nice lunch!
All those restaurants are always packed so we ended up eating at Fego Cafe! YUM!
I love the food there! And the variety cappuccino's they have are so good!

We all ended up eating something different and everything was delicious!
I had a Chicken and Chees Involto (Wrap - Pic1), Cedric had the Fego Dagwood Burger (Pic 2), Joni had the Beef Tramezzino (Pic 3) and my father had the Coronation Chicken Involto (Pic 4).

Obviously I had a very yummy Cappuccino and Joni and myself shared a piece of Red Velvet cake!!! OH MY GOSH! (Pics below)

If you want to see what they have just click on this link (sorry I couldn't find a proper website for them) -

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Friday, 1 June 2012

5 x 10 =

50 Days to Paris!!!!!

"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built." - Eleanor Roosevelt