Thursday, 16 October 2014

Meiringspoort 21km Halfmarathon and 10km

Hello Journeyers,
Last year this time I was complaining with my dad how sad I was that I missed the family get together at Meiringspoort to do the Half Marathon & 10km. He told me that this year it would be my birthday gift from him and that we will go run it together. Obviously things didn't work out as planned...
When my aunt told me in April that the entries are open for the 2014 run I was first to say “Count me in”, and so it turned into a big family get together in memory of my dad.
It is one of the most beautiful runs you will ever do! Trust me! My dad has been doing it for the last 10 years I think and he always went on and on about how beautiful it is. He wasn't wrong.
We left De Oude Meul at 4:30am to catch the busses to take us to the starting point. It was chilly! We got onto the truck and about 15min later we were dropped off at the starting point where coffee and rusks were waiting for us to defrost our frozen hands and tummies.
I had all sorts of emotions going through me, mostly sad, and when my uncle pulled us together in a circle to pray I just cracked, and I’m sure it’s thanks to all those emotions that I managed to finish my 10km run in time to get my medal!
There’s a cut off. To qualify for a medal you have to finish within 2 hours and the 21km must finish within 3 hours.
The crazier part of the family did the 21km run. They finished and half of them didn't train. I have a naturally fit family it seems. My dad was exactly the same!
The best part is that we all finished with time to spare AND we honored my daddy, that was our main reason! You can see this town is typical Afrikaans. After the run there's food stalls everywhere so while you stuff your face with pancakes, jaffles and roosterkoek you can sit back and relax while cooling down with a beer while listening to some live music!
My aunt had T-shirts printed for all of us.
We did it all for you daddy!
Now we started a little tradition I think and I cannot wait to go and beat my time next year!
Have you ever done the Meiringspoort run?
Disclaimer: All expenses were paid for by us for our trip to Meiringspoort. As always all comments and opinions are my own. All of the content and images posted are my own unless otherwise specified / linked to the original source. Please feel free to share photographs and material from this site but please link back to the original image or post.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Marataba Safari Lodge Birthday Weekend

Hello Journeyers!
I turned 26 yesterday, and then I realised that I'm 4 years away from turning 30. It's not that bad as they say life starts at 30, right?!

Cedric took me to Marataba Safari Lodge for the weekend, and we made a long weekend of it. I absolutely LOVE this place.

The scenery is something that doesn't get old no matter what the weather is doing. Those mountains are hypnotic and the animals. Well waking up to lions roaring is enough to excite anyone. Then you meet the staff, and they make you feel like you are the most important person in the whole world. The small attention to detail is enough to make anyone not want to leave.

Then the food...oh the food. To put it into proper terms for you, I picked up just over 1kg in 2 days. Kiss your diet goodbye, because you have most delicious snacks on your morning game drive, get back and then it's time for breakfast, lunch, high tea, afternoon game drive snacks and then you end it off with dinner while listening to all the beautiful sounds of the bush.

The staff almost had me in tears when they came to sing happy birthday to me with a cake after dinner around the fire. It was a emotional birthday, but the first is always the hardest they say.

As Sunday came rolling by (much faster than expected) I was even more sad as I didn't want to leave. As everything else all good things must come to an end eventually.

We want to say thank you very much to the excellent staff of Marataba Safari Lodge, we cannot wait to come back!

Do you prefer gifts or birthday getaways?

My year hasn't been the greatest, but things have to get better. It just has no choice, and I have been extremely blessed with my amazing family and friends. May the next year only bring happiness and lots of travels.

Disclaimer: All expenses were paid for by us for our stay at Marataba Safari Lodge. As always all comments and opinions are my own. All of the content and images posted are my own unless otherwise specified / linked to the original source. Please feel free to share photographs and material from this site but please link back to the original image or post.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

Hello Journeyers!

They sent us this link at the office yesterday. I have a very soft spot for especially elephants and all the poaching going on with these 2 beautiful animals really hits me hard every single time I hear the updates on the news.

There are 9 Regions all over the world participating in this march.

I wish I was in Johannesburg this weekend so that I could have gone and given my support.

So show them your love and go walk for a cause!

When: 4 Oct 2014
You can find your nearest City on the link below.

Leave your mark and help these innocent animals!

Please share your walk for a cause story down below!
Together we CAN make a difference....

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What to pack and what to wear on a Safari Holiday!

Hello Journeyers,
Now take a deep breath, I know you must be going into shock after seeing my blog pop onto your latest post tab. I'm back!
Still struggling but working on it.

Cedric and I love going to the bush, if we could we would probably be living there. With that we go on quite a few game drives. One of my pet peeves are what people wear on a Safari. You are in the bush, try at least to blend in a bit. Yes, that means leave that lime green and cerise pink scarf and jacket at HOME, or at least in your suitcase till you get to your next destination where it is appropriate to wear, like a island. And ladies - LEAVE YOUR HIGH HEELS AT HOME! Trust me, the animals don't care if you are 9inches taller or if you have perfectly painted faces. I spend my safari trips make-up free and in the most comfortable clothes! The bush is natural and so should you be!

I have compiled a list of items that I think are best suited for those holidays in the bush.

What to pack: (These are based on SA Safari Trips & Weather)


Lightweight clothing,
Long trousers and long sleeve tops,
warm sweater for cooler mornings/evenings,
walking shoes and socks,
cap and raincoat.


Long safari trousers and long sleeve tops,
shorts and t-shirts for during the day,
warm coat,
thermals for particularly cold mornings,
walking shoes,
closed comfortable warm shoes and sandals.

There you have it, pack these essentials and I'm sure you will bump into the Big 5 more often on those drives. Kidding. But you never know.

They might just be hiding from those brightly colored clothes.

Remember - less color and natural looks is MORE!

Have you seen some interesting outfits on a game drive? Share your story with me down below!

Disclaimer: As always all comments and opinions are my own. All of the content and images posted are my own unless otherwise specified / linked to the original source.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Johannesburg Zoo Trot

Hello Journeyers,
I am really trying my best to squeeze in at least one blog post a week so that you guys don’t think I have completely forgotten about you. I haven’t. Life has just been getting in the way. But I'm working through it. Although I don't think travelling or weekend trips will pop up on our radar any time soon.

I have really been trying to do more exercise; I'm still working on the eating better part. I have no idea what to do with my crazy sweet tooth. So if anyone can give me any tips please feel free.
My blogger friend Claudine (Purple Lips and Perfect Smiles & Tables and Thyme) told me a few weeks ago that they will be doing the Zoo Trot at the Johannesburg Zoo on Sunday.

I was in! So I invited myself. My sister joined me and there we were Sunday morning at 07H00 standing in a line to go run 5km’s.

I loved every minute of it. I'm very unfit so my target was to do it in 40min. We managed 45min. I
would have probably made 40min if I didn't stop to take so many photos. I mean I'm running in a Zoo,
the poor animals must have felt so jealous.

I love my running. That’s when I can manage to at least run 1 km without feeling like I'm going to die.
But I will get there. Every day will get better and better.

For now I know I am at least trying. And I'm loving each moment!

Till next time...