Monday, 8 October 2012

The Travel list challenge!

Okay it's time for another link up with Jenna.
Luckily I am also such a big fanatic of travelling that I decided this is a link up I just have to do! :)
Cedric and I decided last year we want to start travelling more, so we started with this thing where each of us can choose a place every year. Then we save and well the rest is history!
We thought it would also be great to find some enthusiastic friends that love the world as much us we do, and we found a great couple that managed to do our very first "Yearly Adventure" with us = Paris. Obviously travel buddies won't be possible with every trip we plan {you know, we need some alone time too}.
So let's start - mine will be similar to Jenna, places that are bold and in pink we've been too and the rest I really still want to do.

1. Botswana - Africa

2. Victoria Falls - Zambia

3. Rome - Italy

4. Venice - Italy

5. London - England

6. Capilano Suspension Bridge - Vancouver - British Columbia

7. Santorini - Greece

8. Paris - France

9. Mozambique 

10. Maldives

11. New Zealand 

12. New York

13. Gippsland Lake - Australia

14. China

15. India

16. Ireland

17. Mauritius

18. Egypt

19. Fiji

20. Benteng Chittorgarh - India

21. Marble Caves - Chile

22. Plitvice Lakes National Park - Croatia

23. Monticello Dam - Napa County - California

24. Hong Kong

25. Thailand
(Images thanks to Google)

{I must say, these pictures started off as X-large, then as I was making the list that just grew by the thought, the pictures got smaller, so sorry they are Large now but if I kept it on X-large this would have been one of the longest blog posts in the history of blogging!}

Okay I decided to stop at 25 otherwise I will be busy with this the whole day! And as you have seen I've only been able to bold out 2 of the 25 places!
So here's to loads more saving and travelling!

If you would like to join in the fun - please go visit Jenna and link up!

"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there." - John Wooden


  1. This is a great list. I would love it see Victoria Falls, I'm off to Paris at the weekend, so excited :)


    1. Me too!!! They say it's nice to stop over at Vic Falls on your way or on your way back from Botswana... so hopefully that's in our plans soon!
      Ooooh now I am jealous! I fell in love with Paris!

  2. nice list! wish you more places in pink pretty soon!

    1. Thank you very much!!!!
      Saving is so hard!

  3. You have some great places on your list! Victoria Falls is AMAZING - seriously one of my favorite trips ever - you should make it your next trip :)


    1. We are thinking of Mozam for our next trip! We want to do Vic Falls when we do Botswana. :)
      So many places I still want to go visit. And then this morning on the radio they are talking about how weak the Rand is! And my hopes just dropped! :(


  4. That's a really cool list and even cooler if you make it! So, good luck with saving :)
    The Maldives and Australia are also on my list and even though I've already been to London before I dont think it will ever fall out of my list, I simply love London!

    1. I just took some inspiration from you and also wrote my travel challenge

      x Irene

    2. That's great! Love to dream!

  5. I think I will go on with my own list on my blog because I loved yours so much!!Thailand is also on the top of my travel destination.
    Ny is amazing and London too

    1. Thank you for the comment!
      Cannot wait to one day go to these places!

  6. Beautiful list.

    xo Ashley

  7. Espectacular!.... paisajes paradisíacos, realmente bellos!

  8. Excelente lista, paisajes paradisíacos, bello!


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