Monday, 23 July 2012

{Travel} Here's to no sleep and jet lag! (not really)

Hello hello!
Did you guys miss me? Well I freaking hell hope so!
So now to bore you for the next week or two about my AWESOME holiday in Paris, France! woop woop!
We are finally at the airport and everything is starting to sink in now that we are really going to Paris.

I have been feeling that this is just one of my moments where I am living on my own little planet planning a trip overseas. News flash, this is reality and we are really going on holiday, in a different country none the less! How amazing!
After a 15hour flight with a 2hour layover in Abu Dhabi we finally land in the City of Love!!!
(those 15hours was made out of a few hours sleep, a few hours watching almost every movie and show between all of us, a few hours irritating each other and fighting over who gets to take over the other ones seat for a while, bad breath and crappy hair - doesn't this just sound delightful?)
Anyway back to Paris....
I saw the Eiffel Tower before even getting to the apartment - bonus!

The apartment is amazing, central and close to everything!

We walked to the ET (Eiffel Tower), had amazing Nutella Crepes and what do you know, it's 7pm and the sun is still high in the sky burning the crap out of my white little South African skin!

We went for a lovely dinner at Le Centenaire where we had snails, frog legs and veal with penne pasta. (note the veal was mine, I am a very fussy eater) and we ended our night at a little Irish Pub just below our apartment.

PS - the sun only sets here at 10pm so our nights end at 2am!

Sorry for the loooong soppy details, but I have to share as much as possible!

Much love

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