Monday, 30 July 2012

{Travel} Paris - Versailles

Oops I see I am a bit behind on keeping you bloggers updated on my holiday! So sorry!
Today (26 July 2012) we decided to take it easy as my feet were killing me, no seriously, I think my heels have cracked from all the walking (well the cramps tell me I've reached my limit in walking - NOT).
We decided that Versailles would be perfect for a relaxed day guessed it - MORE walking!
Once again the Tourist attraction was packed! And it was like 40 degrees Celsius outside I swear! Luckily this time I took my umbrella with! Screw you sun! haha! Not getting me today!!!!

Anyway the Castle was amazing, I wish I lived in that era, the building is beautiful and massive. Not even to mention the gardens! I was speechless I promise you! The castle part we almost ran through because there was so many people and it was hot and smelly! Gross!

Then we went into the garden for our home made lunch! (thank you Alan)

But Cedric and I couldn't make it further than that and decided to go home after the lunch! It was just toooo hot and we were exhausted!

And on our way out I couldn't resist not taking photo's!

Isn't it breathtaking? I know!!!! We ended our evening with dinner at Cedric's brother.
Have a Manic Monday peeps!!!


Saturday, 28 July 2012

{Travel} Paris - Ouch I'm RED!

As you read in a previous blog HERE to be exact, I am very white and burn easy! So today almost ended with me in tears! But we will get to that a bit later.

Today (25 July 2012) we decided it was going to be a productive day and we woke up earlier.
We got ready showered did all things pretty and off we went to our first stop, Notre Dame. The only reason we woke up earlier was to miss the que, ummm surprise, que was already very long! We had a 1,5hour wait! And the sun was pounding on us (well only me), I swear it is like the sun seeks me out between all the other people!

And then all of a sudden it hit me that I was afraid of heights! Eeeek! And I just wanted to get off asap! Scary part we were only on the first level of Notre Dame! And when we finally got down which felt like forever and saw how high the 2nd part was I was like "hell no I was going to do that"!

So by now I was looking like a lobster and I was in pain! I blame you white skin!!!! Now for the fun part of our day - bridge of locks! We walked to the Louvre and the bridge is opposite it, and found locks at one of the little street shops. Pretty colorful ones! Yay! 

As we walk away from the locks, I thought let me be the friendly tourist and ask a group of friends if I can take their photo for them (they were busy balancing their camera on a bench with the timer on) when Cedric told me "Baby they are busy smiling they can't answer you while waiting for the timer" - and then moody Johlet appeared (I think it was the sun affecting my brain) and I told Cedric to &^(#&*%T# off and called him a *$*#&, something like that. And I have this bad habit of walking storming off on my own when I "strip my moer" (go google this as I have no idea how to translate it to English). And poor Cedric just runs after me. (I am a real b#tch sometimes always - not really) 

By the way, it is 3am now and I am just writing from my Small Notebook as my memory seems to be putting me to shame! Locks = done! (Johlet = happy)
Then off to the Louvre (remember it was closed when we went on Monday), and still the sun is damn hot!

And then we went to the Museum! TOO DAMN HOT!!! Don't they know the meaning of the word AIR-CON, and seeing as it was so busy we were dying little by little. So I am very sorry but we just walked into the room with the Mona Lisa and left. Sending all of you my mental picture........NOW! You like?
Remember, we have been sight seeing for 3 days now and it is non stop walking, my feet are killing me and we are hungry and the sun just keeps on indulging on me! On the road again to the Champs de Elysees, well sort of because we are not sure where to get the bus to take us there. So walk would any normal tourist do? Stop and ask these 2 sweet old french ladies for directions and according to them it's not far we can actually walk! whahahaha what a joke! We start walking, and well walking and nothing in site! So we finally get to the beginning of the Champs de Elysees, and the restaurant we are on our way to is still freaking far! So now we stop and ask the Police officer what would he suggest we do? His answer? WALK! whahahaha these people are funny! So I show him how burnt I am and he thinks its hilarious! So he says in that case the metro which was around the corner. Woohoo! Off we go!


I think you know which one I had (fussy eater remember?)
And the after:

We ended the night at, yes you guessed it, O'Briens with Cedric's brother and his girlfriend! Fun ending to our hectic walking day!

Seems like my creativity is flowing this time of the morning, but I am sorry it is coming to and end, for now! Will entertain you again, soon! Don't worry!
And I am sooo tired while typing this but don't want to disappoint and in the process it seems like I am bombarding you with information about my holiday! How fun! 
Lekker slaap almal!!!!!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

{Travel} Paris - Tourist Crazy!

It is day 3 of Paris and wow. Have we been lucky with weather I tell you! I know I know it is summer here but last week it was still raining here! Hence the fact that we are lucky!
Today Cedric and I decided to sleep in a bit (hmmm well later than usual) and hopped on the Hop On Hop Off bus and started our day.
We got off at the Louvre and took some pictures, Lelande and Alan left much earlier and they were somewhere walking their butts off!
Seeing that it was only 2 of the 4 musketeers we struggled with the group pictures a bit and the Louvre pictures ended up coming out like this.....

And in case you couldn't see it properly through our heads here it is again! (look how amazing the reflection looks on the building)

The museum was closed today (Tuesday), we did not know that but figured it out after we saw that there was no one inside the building itself. So off we walked to Notre Dame! What a amazingly beautiful place! Also didn't manage to go inside as I was not willing to sit in a que for 2 - 3 hours. There is no way in hell! But managed to take some stunning pictures. The details on these buildings are exquisite and I can stare at it for hours!

I met one of Cedric's cousins that live here in Paris. We went to the Arc de Triomphe and on one of those funny bicycle rides, had a picnic at the ET waiting for the lights to go on. And I bought some souvenirs. I just realised now that I must be busy boring you with all my typing so I will bore you some more now with pictures!

Love this man so much xxx

Arc de Triomphe xxx

Cedric and his cousin xxx

Bicycle ride (or whatever it is you call this) xxx

ET Lights xxx

And we call that a day! Off to bed now!
Much blogger love!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

{Travel} Paris - Iced Coffee as I know it???

It is our first full day in Paris and we are ready to get the party started!
Today we spent the day wandering the streets looking for a nice Market to buy some fresh meats, cheeses and fruit but seeing as it is Monday most of the shops were closed.

And I had my first Starbucks! woop woop! or rather poop poop! So I LOVE Iced Coffee but in South Africa when you ask for Iced Coffee it is like a Milkshake type form, obviously I was expecting the same when I ordered it at Starbucks. Ding ding ding - it is not like a milkshake, it is black coffee with ice blocks in it, gross! (so that ended up in the dustbin - sad to say I know)

After that we went to go buy some groceries and ended up at home for lunch.
Then we did the ultimate tourist thing - Topless Bus Tour of the city, well worth it as you get to see most of the popular sites. I went overboard with photo's (200 to be exact), and we didn't even do the full tour!

We got off at the Champs - Elysees and did some window shopping and walked back to the apartment. If only my bank account was bigger with about 1 million euro I would go crazy in this area! Can you say walk in closet??? haha

After all that walking I was overheating and needed a beer! (yes a beer)
And look how cute my glass is! :)

We ended up having a nice dinner just up the road from the pub and ended at the pub again with an American couple that we met on Sunday night. And yet again another 2am night!

Much love

Monday, 23 July 2012

{Travel} Here's to no sleep and jet lag! (not really)

Hello hello!
Did you guys miss me? Well I freaking hell hope so!
So now to bore you for the next week or two about my AWESOME holiday in Paris, France! woop woop!
We are finally at the airport and everything is starting to sink in now that we are really going to Paris.

I have been feeling that this is just one of my moments where I am living on my own little planet planning a trip overseas. News flash, this is reality and we are really going on holiday, in a different country none the less! How amazing!
After a 15hour flight with a 2hour layover in Abu Dhabi we finally land in the City of Love!!!
(those 15hours was made out of a few hours sleep, a few hours watching almost every movie and show between all of us, a few hours irritating each other and fighting over who gets to take over the other ones seat for a while, bad breath and crappy hair - doesn't this just sound delightful?)
Anyway back to Paris....
I saw the Eiffel Tower before even getting to the apartment - bonus!

The apartment is amazing, central and close to everything!

We walked to the ET (Eiffel Tower), had amazing Nutella Crepes and what do you know, it's 7pm and the sun is still high in the sky burning the crap out of my white little South African skin!

We went for a lovely dinner at Le Centenaire where we had snails, frog legs and veal with penne pasta. (note the veal was mine, I am a very fussy eater) and we ended our night at a little Irish Pub just below our apartment.

PS - the sun only sets here at 10pm so our nights end at 2am!

Sorry for the loooong soppy details, but I have to share as much as possible!

Much love

Saturday, 21 July 2012

{Travel} Bon Voyage

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go! Paris here we come!!! Well first Abu Dhabi then Paris!
I am busy jumping out of my skin of excitement, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to loose control and I think I like it! Great now I'm busy writing song lyrics and now the song is stuck in my head!
We are leaving on a jet plane, I do know when we will be back again! haha had you there for a moment!
Yes we are finally on our way, and I am going to miss all of you so much!!!

I will really try my best to keep you up to date with our shenanigans, but can't promise anything! But I have my small notebook ready, so will update you as soon as we are back!


Friday, 20 July 2012

Perfectly Imperfect?

So you remember I told you about the amazing discovery I made HERE - yes the sunglasses!
Well guess what, I found out my face is cockeyed, great, you can just imagine my delight. (light bulb - so this is what was meant with nobody's perfect) There I was sitting in the car wondering why the sun was blinding my one eye while the other one was perfectly protected. Now you guys must think I am a total freak! haha See this is my problem with finding the perfect sunglasses. (Thank you chubby cheeks - NOT)
Anyway, there I was today on my way back to the shop to tell them their glasses are misshaped.
BUT luckily I found another pair, also on sale!!! (my luck is still on) And they fit perfectly, for now! Seems like I found my perfect match??? But I am in love with my new sunglasses, let's just hope my face stays in place!

P.S - I hope I did not offend anyone in any way or scare some of you away! I over-exaggerate sometimes allot! 

After our fun hunt for a new pair of sunglasses, I was obviously exhausted (not really) and starving (really), so we opted for a quick lunch at Europa Cafe.
They fall under the Antimo group, and Fego Cafe is one of the places, you will remember them from HERE, and as you will read from the previous post, I couldn't find a website for them, well guess what, I found it! Yay for me!
Visit them at
Cedric had the Fish and Chips (Pic 1) and I had the Tra-Porto (Rump steak strips, grilled onions, tomato in a prego sauce tramazini - Pic 2)

It was extremely good, please go try them!

Have an amazeballs weekend all you fun people!
Blogger out!

Music + Packing = Happy

Okay the time has come people! I am finally on holiday and cannot wait to get on that plane tomorrow!
So I was thinking everything is always so much more fun when you are listening to your favorite songs while doing something! And seeing as I will be packing and packing and packing for our trip I decided to compile my Top 10 songs....

1. Calvin Harris - Feel so Close

2. Nicki Minaj - Starships

3. Swedish House Mafia - Save the World

4. David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia

5. David Guetta - Where Them Girls At ft. Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida

6. Rihanna - Where have you been

7. Katy Perry - Part of Me

8. David Guetta - I can only Imagine ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne

9. Goodluck ft. Phoenix Kayode - Electro Thing

10. Maroon 5 - Payphone

So let's get packing peeps! :)

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." - Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Celebration Day!!!

Good thing I decided to read through all the latest Post updates from all the blogs I am following before I did this Post.
First I have to say that it is our (Cedric & Johlet) 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY today!!!
Yes today 2 years ago in Mauritius in the car on our way to a romantic first time get away Cedric asked me to be his girlfriend! woohoo!
So thank you so much for the most amazing 2 years of my life so far baby! You make every day worth waking up to and make me the happiest woman alive! And seeing as we are leaving for Paris in 4 days I think we will save our Celebrations for under the Eiffel Tower! (Romantic as can be)
You are THE BEST BEST BEST!!!! Love you forever!

And then a very BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Erin over at Living In Yellow - follow her here
I hope you have a amazing day filled with lots of gifts, balloons and liters of wine! And NO hangovers! :) 
You rock lady!
Don't worry I will make sure I have a glass of wine tonight to celebrate with you! Here's to Erin and no hangovers!!!!
Happy birthday!

"You don't have to move mountains. You just have to know where to aim." - Tzvi Freeman
P.S. - While writing this quote the song from Miley Cyrus "Keep the Faith" was playing on the radio. Works quite well with my quote I would say! 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Forgetful Letty (No not Betty)

Hello all you crazy bloggers!
Hope everyone had a blast over the always too short weekend!
All we did this weekend was shop for the last necessary (no you do not really need this Johlet but my card is burning my pocket) things for our holiday this weekend!
Anyway with my luck I couldn't find anything on my list of "Things I need (NOT)".
Except one thing I did find that was a real bonus as I've been struggling to find this for YEARS, and when I say years that's not me exaggerating! I was blessed with these really chubby cheeks (hate them), and when I want to buy myself sunglasses my cheeks are always in the way. You know when sunglasses sit on your cheeks (especially the latest big ass glasses), and you laugh and the sunglasses almost go flying over your head? Well that's my life with sunglasses, as soon as I smile or laugh, the glasses move like they are alive! So I have always been looking for glasses that don't touch my cheeks! (impossible to find)
And guess what....this weekend I finally found a pair!!!! woohoo!!! And they were 30% off! Double woooohoooo!

Now I am just busy boring you with non stop babble! So all of you know by now we are going to Paris and Cedric knows I am quite attached to my blog lately! (oops)
After hearing numerous times from Cedric that I will be sobbing over not being able to blog while on holiday, I told him last night that I am planning to take a SMALL notebook (so that no one will think I am a freak) with me and just dab down notes for myself on what we have been doing on a daily basis while on holiday. Reason for this is, if I have to start blogging once back from holiday you will be reading this:


Exactly, I am extremely forgetful and sometimes wonder if I shouldn't go see a doctor regarding this little problem I have....what was I saying again? Kidding I'm not THAT forgetful!
By now you should have figures out this is the reason for my post title.
Okay back to me telling Cedric about my little plan regarding "Mission Notebook". His response, are you crazy, you will spend most of your time writing and people will think you are insane". Huh! Didn't he listen when I said "dab down notes"??? Men!

So this is my plan for keeping all my 9 followers (if you are not following me yet do that!...pretty please) happy with up to date details of my holiday!

Have a Manic Monday all!

"To succeed.... You need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you." - Tony Dorsett

Thursday, 12 July 2012

What to Pack??? - Paris

This post is for the ladies!
It's a little over a week before we leave for Paris and I am wrecking my brain on what to pack?
Well Google did come in handy this time around!
Although it seems like the weather in Paris in summer can be very unpredictable I narrowed it down to the following:

- Umbrella is a must (luckily I bought Lelande and myself umbrellas that fit into our handbags)
- Maps!
- Camera & Charger (I will die without my camera)

Try and pack light, layer layer layer!!! (If Cedric sees this he will crack up, he knows I struggle with this)
Pack to mix and match your clothing items, this way you pack less, and you will never look like you wore the same outfit twice.

- Comfortable open-toe shoes (for the very hot days)
- Comfortable closed-toe shoes (for the chillier days)
- A nice pair of heels for the evenings out (preferably a pair that you can wear with all your clothes)
- Cardigans
- Long sleeve shirts
- Vest tops
- Skirts and Shorts
- Jeans
- SCARVES and ACCESSORIES (with this you can make a outfit go from drab to fab in seconds)
- Sunglasses

And then obviously you will bring all your basic keep clean and look good essentials:

- Toiletries
- Hairdryer
- Make up (try and stick to the au natural look, plus you are on holiday so no one is watching you - kidding)
- Sunscreen with a high SPF (look after your pretty little skin, it's yours forever, can't get a new one)

And then something I cannot go without, my "make me feel irresistible" perfum.

This is so exciting, and if you forget something, don't sweat, you are still in a normal functioning country and have more or less the same shops you have in your home town to buy your missing items. (Just a good excuse to go shopping)

"Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity." - Kahlil Gibran

All images thanks to Google.