Wednesday, 10 October 2012

{Food} No electricity = Eat Out Baby! (Chaplin's Grill)

Happy morning to all my journeyers! 
Can you guys believe it's already Wednesday and my birthday was already 4 days ago! {SAY WHAT!!!!}
Anyway, when you live in South Africa and especially Johannesburg, you are privileged enough to experience a thing called "load shedding" {this means power cuts} {what stupid name is this anyway?}. Well in our area we've been experiencing this QUITE OFTEN which makes me so extremely upset happy!
So yesterday as I got home for lunch {yes I am lucky enough to enjoy every lunch time with my boo} Cedric tells me we have no electricity...really? Are you kidding me! 1pm = nothing. 2pm = nothing. 3pm = nothing. 4pm = nothing. 5pm = I get home = still nothing. 5:30pm = screw this, "baby go shower we are going out for dinner". 

5:50pm = We end up deciding to go to Fillet {we've been here before and know the food is great} and as all of us know as soon as the clouds turn darker and thicker with rain people miraculously forget how to drive! Even better! Which means on our way to Fillet the traffic is bumper to bumper. Then we quickly change our minds and go to this place we've been seeing for months and always drive past it with a "we should really come here one day" and never do. And by golly thanks to weather and traffic we finally end up going.
6pm = we stop at the restaurant and it's empty, now we are thinking "jeesh is this place legit???" so I tell Cedric let's just go in and try it, plus who goes for dinner at 6 anyway nowadays?
We sit and the place is pretty impressive, clean and has a nice relaxing ambiance.
6:10pm = neighbour texts me "elec just came back on" = are you freaking kidding me???

Back to the restaurant, you have a great view over Sandton, and the waiters are like little jack in the boxes. We ordered steaks. As I was craving good meat, and we struck it lucky, the meat is amazing! I am very fussy when it comes to my meat, I want it Medium - Well done, red but no blood. And Cedric just shook his head as I was trying to explain this to the waiter and the waiters eyes just went blank.
But when the food came it was cooked to perfection. {sorry I didn't take any pics}. Reason for no pics is the waiter caught us off guard as he brought us our main meals when Cedric in fact ordered a starter too. Shame small mistake.
But I will leave you with this....
The view (I know blurry! Crap camera)

Please go visit their website -

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  1. We also had a power outage last week somewhere, but I was at the gym, and by the time I got home, Flip had already started the fires, and was busy with a potjie.

    My friend, who lives with us, and I grabbed a huge bottle of Robertsons red and just enjoyed the no power. Eskom drove by once and we bugged them to find out what's going on. Turns out, someone stole our fuses. hahaha

    1. I am really so tired of all these problems! We are constantly without electricity! Then it's load shedding and then they try to steal cables! I mean really!
      But the way you embraced the moment sounds like a whole lot of fun! Potjie! I love potjie just don't know how to make it! (yes I am afrikaans and not very proud to admit that I don't know how to make potjie)
      We wanted to braai last night but I was not in the mood to sit in a dark house.
      So braai tonight! WITH ELEC! :)

  2. I didnt think Joburg was also experiencing power outages, thought it was only us here in the smaller towns. I worked at Eskom and I can understand the pressure and drama that goes on behind the scenes, but still its unacceptable. At least on the plus side you got to go out to a great supper ;) Lol, I can just imagine the waiters expression when you were explaining that to him!

    1. It's just a shame they cannot get it sorted out!
      But on the bright side I did get a great supper you are right! :)

  3. What a shame with electricity ((( But sometimes it's nice to eat out. You looks so cute together ;)
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

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    1. Thank you for leaving the sweet comment!


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