Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crazy Week!

Okay so our week started off with good news, Cedric had to postpone his flight for a few days! yay!
That meant we could spend our 21 Month Anniversary together!
But like always the week flew by and before we knew it Cedric had to go... :(
I hate when he has to go back home, I feel lost without him!

So what will follow is what our week looked like!

Cedric's day was jam packed with meetings on our Anniversary so we had a quick lunch at The Local Kitchen, and yummy!!! From the Cappuccino to the sandwiches we ate! Would definitely go back there for a lunch!

The next day we again had a quick lunch, but this time at The French Corner, and let me tell you, I am addicted to their cupcakes!!!! And the food is also great!

That evening we went to go look at my friend's clothing line that is available at The Space at The Zone @ Rosebank, feel free to go have a look and support her amazing line...Georgie Beach!!!! (sorry for the bad quality pics, BB with no flash - time for a upgrade I know)

And then the day arrived that we both hoped would never come! Cedric had to leave. :( But he will be back Friday!!! Excited!

I hate being home alone so I went to my friend, Lelande to help her move! I stained some of the furniture. First experience doing that!

Saturday (21 April 2012) I FINALLY decided to do something about our terrace! I did some "gardening", went to go buy some plants and got my hands dirty! And it was so much fun! Below the first pic clockwise is the before, then after and then 2 close ups of our new plants.

And I've been craving meatballs with a red sauce and spaghetti for so long so I made some for dinner after all the "gardening"! Turned out quite good!!! Yum!

And today (Sunday) I had some quality time with my sister and her little son, my second favorite thing after spending time with Cedric ;)
Isn't he just the most adorable little guy!!! My sister is going to have her hands full and he is going to break a lot of hearts (let's hope that does not happen)!

So that was a recap of my week! Let's hope Cedric took some pictures while back home so that we can update his week next weekend! :)

Hope everyone has a fun filled week!


Monday, 16 April 2012

{Travel} Phumuza Bush Lodge - Limpopo

Our travel Blogs are coming along nicely and I am loving it!
Last week Thursday (12 April 2012) we decided to go away for the weekend, let me tell you, what a mission to find a decent place at the last minute, but finally Friday we found a place and they had a opening.
We went to Phumuza Bush Lodge in the Limpopo Province, more or less 10km from Bela Bela.
Cedric is obsessed with Bela Bela and I think he will move there in a heartbeat! I'm still thinking about that part... he-he
Phumuza is a self catering Lodge with a variety of accommodation options, we stayed in one of the Log Cabins. We were extremely impressed with the place, for the price it was spotless and put together very well.
We arrived Friday (13 April 2012 - great Friday the 13th) quite late thanks to traffic....AGAIN!
Cedric went to go play golf the Saturday at Element Golf Estate, enough said.
The dirt road on your way there is a disaster, my poor car! :(
The golf part was fun though, I drove with Cedric and did some reading! (will blog about my latest reading soon)
Then we went to go and explore the little town a bit, I must say its quite and extraordinary little town.
I can see myself falling in love with the place, I think.
The rest of our weekend we spend relaxing next to the Boma, as winter has decided to arrive a month early!
We would go back there any day to just break away from the hectic city life.

This is the Log Cabin we stayed in, Giraffe.

Mmmm, yummy braai!

Concentrating very hard!

I really need to start learning how to play golf.

"Once you say you're going to settle for second, that's what happens to you." - John F Kennedy

Thursday, 12 April 2012

{Travel} A Trip Down Memory Lane - Askari Game Lodge & Spa

As usual Cedric decided as a spur of the moment decision he wants to go away for the weekend, while we are trying our best to find a place at the last minute I started to think back at all the places we have been!
Almost exactly a year ago and on my very first Safari trip, Cedric took me to Askari Game Lodge & Spa.
It is situated in the Plumari Africa Game Reserve in the Magaliesberg, just over an hour from Johannesburg.
And what an experience, we had so many memorable moments, from getting stuck in mud to almost rolling the Game Drive Vehicle. (Reason for that was we had a lot of rain over that period last year - March / April.)
But what fun we had! Memories last forever!

"Happiness, I have discovered is nearly always a rebound from hard work." - David Grayson

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Something True

I got this quote from my wonderful cousin, thank you Nicole!
Love you!

This is something every girl and woman should remember and live by!

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Easter.
And don't forget what Easter is all really about.