Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Planning our next mid year trip...

Hello Journeyers,

Cedric and I really try our best to go on a nice well deserved holiday every year. We started this in 2012 with our Paris holiday. That year was my turn to choose and last year we did the bush, obviously Cedric's choice. This year was a tough one and so Cedric and I opted for a combined decision. Which consisted of mostly his options. Therefore the next one is mine. He didn't like where I want to go so we changed things a bit for next year. We each choose 3-4 places and then we lucky draw the hell out of it.

We drew mine 4 times in a row, then Mariaan and Derick decided to draw for us. And what do you know, she draws mine again. I think Cedric must now just face the fact that it is meant to I'm currently busy getting quotes for....wait for it.....


I've been getting some tips and ideas from Claudine who's been there before and then obviously Google and these are only a few of the things on our bucket list:

1. Cliffs of Moher

2. Ring of Kerry

3. The Giant's Causeway

4. Blarney Stone

5. Killarney National Park

I cannot wait for the trip, that said let's hope we can afford it before I get too excited. It is going to be an amazing experience I think.

I've received one quote and it is a bit out of our budget and will need lots of commitment when it comes to saving. We are not good at saving.

If you can think of any other places that you think is affordable and fun for us give me a shout below!
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Sunday, 9 November 2014

10 Best Memories of Paris

Hello Journeyers,

I have been daydreaming about Paris more and more lately. From listening to a colleagues stories of their recent return from Paris to watching one of my favourite movies the other night, View from The Top.

I won't lie, I have been throwing quite a few hints towards Cedric to go back. Ahhh the dream, I would love to go back.

That's why I thought I would share my 10 Favourite experiences from our holiday in Paris in 2012. I can't believe it's been 2 years already. It feels like yesterday.

1. Eiffel Tower,

This one needs no explanation. I couldn't wait while we were driving to the apartment to spot the Eiffel Tower, and when I did I was in awe an basically freaked out when I saw the top of it peeking over the buildings. It's spectacular and something you don't get used to. In the 10 days we spent there I couldn't wait to see this beauty every single day.

2. The Metro.

Let's just say if South Africa's transport system was like this I wouldn't be needing my car.

3. The City.

There's so much to see and do in Paris, and around every corner it just gets better and better. The beauty of this city should almost be illegal. I doubt I will ever be able to get tired of those buildings. Simply spectacular.

4. Nutella Crepes.

Golly wholly, please take me back. They are not shy with throwing that Nutella onto that crepe and I literally had one a day. Wherever I could find a food stall that sold them I had one...and sometimes two.

5. Shopping up a storm - Champs Elysees

I experienced H&M, some spectacular make-up shops and bought myself a very bright summer dress for 3 Euros. Yes you read right, a full THREE! Shopping is not really that affordable but if you go when they have sales you can score some really nice things at a really great price.

6. Montmartre

I really enjoyed this part of Paris, but be careful when it comes to finding someone to do your self portraits or caricatures. Make sure you go with someone that actually has a portfolio. And shop around for prices, trust me the person 3 seats down from the one will be cheaper. You don't want to be caught like Cedric and I was with our first one. The guy turned me into a mermaid that beats Cedric the caveman.

7. Moulin Rouge

This was not something I really enjoyed that much. Mainly because I was just in a bad mood that night and then because our seats were facing away from the stage so we sat with twitchy necks from turning our heads to see the whole night. The show itself was good but rather pricey. Worth the money? I would say yes if it's really on your bucket list.

8. Macaroons

I've never again tasted Macaroons as good as the ones in Paris. They just know what they are doing. I didn't eat nearly enough of these beauties and cannot wait to go back just to devour hundreds of these.

9. Wandering the streets of Paris with Cedric by my side

Let me tell you this, it's not called the city of love for nothing. There's something about the streets and buildings and a electric feeling in the air of love when you walk the streets. What better way to do it than with the love of your life. Not to mention watching the ET light up at night while cuddling on the grass watching it.

10. SA Bar in the middle of Paris

Perfect for days where you miss home. We went to go watch a rugby match and I even had some Simba chips. I may or may not have missed SA in those few minutes. But then I walked outside and forgot all about it again.

Oh Paris how I miss you....

Have you ever been to Paris, and what is your favourite memories?
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