Friday, 27 September 2013

Lipgloss Kisses with Chicara

Hello Journeyers!
How spoiled are you? It's Friday AND you are being treated to my monthly Interview Post.
Today I have the lovely Chicara (how pretty is her name?) from Lipgloss Kisses. When I first came across her blog the first thing I saw was her blog name and I just knew that I was going to love it, what girl does not love Lipgloss? And kissing hehe! I have not had the privilege to meet this lovely lady yet, but hopefully soon. Why soon? Well we are organising a little Blogger Meet Up for November. (#JHBbloggermeetup)
I cannot wait to meet her, she comes across as such a soft hearted and sweet person and I am sure we are going to hit it off straight away!

JS: Thank you so much for being my September Interview, firstly, tell us a bit more about yourself and why did you start Lipgloss kisses?
LK: I’m a girly girl that’s obsessed with cuteness, fashion, beauty and Chihuahua's. I’m a computer geek. I’m shy and a complete introvert as well. My blog has always been about affordable makeup & beauty that’s available in S.A. I’m just an average Joe (Jane) that enjoys trying out new beauty goodies.

JS: And who doesn't appreciate affordable make-up and beauty products! But when you are not in front of your computer blogging, where will we find you? 
LK: In front of my computer working. I’m a Freelance web designer. Or if you can pry me away from the internet then I’m probably reading in the bath, watching TV shows, shopping or playing TV games.

JS: I'm right next to you with the shopping! I love travelling. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
LK: So many places for different reasons. (Tokyo, Paris, Hawaii) But my first choice would be New York. I've wanted to go there for such a long time. You just need to look at the Sephora in NYC to understand why.

JS: New York = Yes please! Both our birthday are in October and you are turning the big 3-0 in October, what would the perfect celebration for this day be like for you? 
LK:  Now this is where my Libran ways kick in. A part of me wants a very relaxed dinner with close friends and the other half of me wants a swanky Great Gatsby-themed affair. My budget however is leaning in one direction and my heart in the other. Ha, ha. I’m not so big on celebrating milestones, but everybody keeps telling me to have a party to celebrate my 30th.

JS: Of course you have to celebrate your 30th! Life begins at 30. (Or so I'm told) Food....Pizza or salad?
LK: That’s tricky. I love both. I usually like half a salad on my pizza anyway. Winking smile Rocket, Avo, Tomato..

JS: Hmmm I should try that one! Sounds good. You love fashion and beauty, how would you describe your sense of F&B in 5 words?
LK: Hmm.. Cute, Whimsical, Bright, Classic, Natural.

JS: I love the word whimsical, for some reason it reminds me of Tinkerbell. :) If you could be any superhero, who would it be and why?
LK: Aaah, love this question. I wouldn't hesitate to say Wonder Woman. I’m obsessed with her. I would walk around all day in her get-up if it was socially acceptable. Winking smile

JS: I can see you as Wonder Woman, saving the world one person at a time! What would you say is your best feauture? 
LK: Physical or Personality-wise? I quite like my eyebrows and my best personality trait is that I’m fiercely loyal.

JS: I love loyal people because I believe in being loyal! Back to travelling, what is your best holiday memory to date?
LK: I was 21 and my best friend and I went on a very belated Matric holiday to Plett. It was the best month-holiday I've ever had. So much fun and so many memories.

JS: That sounds like fun! I could do with a month long holiday now! I love photos, please share 5 of your favorite memories in pictures with us!

Now you can understand why I am very excited to meet her with our #JHBbloggermeetup!  
And if you would like to know more about her or read about the latest beauty/fashion/make-up trends and bargains, please go FOLLOW her blog!!! Details below:


I cannot wait to read your comments on this interview below! :)
Have a blessed Friday people and stay safe! 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Elephant Sanctuary Harties

Hello Journeyers,
Well the long weekend is officially over, for those of you who did take the extra long option, I hope you had a great weekend! I was not that fortunate and had to work Monday. But I did have an amazing Heritage Day!
Cedric spoiled me yesterday as an early birthday gift. And it was definitely the 3rd best day of my life! What is the first 2 you may ask? Well the 1st is the day that Cedric asked me to be his girlfriend. *swoon* and the 2nd happened recently, at our July Holiday where the Elephant literally moved past us only a few cm's.

My birthday gift was a trip to the Elephant Sanctuary in Hartbeespoortdam. As all of you know I love Elephants! So this was high on my To Do List. :) And it finally happened!
We were booked for the 10am Interaction, but I think excitement levels were a bit high as we arrived an hour early. But I was too happy to just be there so we sat and admired the other groups do their thing.
10am came and we were all gathered for 2 hours of fun. We had a educational session with our guide Sam. These animals are truly amazing! The only thing I did not like though is that the groups are very big. Our group had 15 - 20 people. Then we were entertained by Temba and Pumba.

This Sanctuary has 5 Elephants, I only saw 4. They are busy going through their adolescent stage (teenager years) and therefore there was no Elephant Back rides.
We could touch them, from their trunks to their tails. We walked hand in trunk with them and I even got a big smooch from Temba. I was impressed with how their skins felt. Hard to the touch with thick hairs on them. The only soft part on their bodies are the sole of their feet and the back of their ears.

The scary part is that these Elephants were only between 10 - 13 Years old and are not fully grown yet. It is extremely intimidating if you stand next to one of these remarkable creatures. You never know when it will turn on you and turn you into scrambled eggs. But still what an experience! For such a big animal they are so gentle. 

South Africans are extremely blessed to live in a country with so many beautiful things to enjoy, from our views to the animals to the cultures and the people! 
So yes I can say this Heritage Day was one of my favorites! 
Thank you baby for one of the best birthday gifts ever! You are truly a blessing to me and I can just thank the Lord for bringing you into my life! I love you!

P.S. - After seeing these photos of me it's time to get into the healthy eating and exercise routine NOW! Goodbye flab hello fab! hehe

How did you spend your Heritage Day?
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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Kohandè - Luxury Tents

Hello Journeyers!
So there are a full 15 Mondays left for the year! 15!!! That's it! Then the year has kissed us all goodbye!
Cedric organised us a getaway weekend so we could go and absorb the serenity of the bush. We have tight budgets and that's why we always look for very affordable, self catering places.
We went to Kohandèwhich is situated in the Leeuwkloof Valley Conservancy in Gauteng.
"Three luxury tents with on suite bathrooms provide accommodation for 2 adults each (sorry, no children allowed). A fully equipped kitchenette with fridge/freezer makes self catering a pleasure. Each tent is private with its own lovely panoramic view over the bushveld."
We hit the road after work and we were lucky enough to not hit too much traffic for that time on a Friday! We were welcomed by the friendly owner Dirk and his son. They showed us around our tent and of they went to leave us to enjoy a relaxed weekend. The weather was warm and springy and we even had our first rain Friday night.
There we were, sitting on the little stoep of our Tent enjoying the rain with a glass of wine, playing Monopoly and listening to the sounds of the bush. You can even hear the lions at night. Took us back to our holiday in Marloth Park! Bliss!

The next morning we slept in and when we woke up we got dressed and walked up to the pool. After we saw the pool and the view we were too excited about the great weather that we went straight down to the tent to pack a little picnic basket and went to go soak up some sun!

We had such a great time and were super relaxed when Sunday came rolling by! I just want to say thank you to Dirk and his son for their great hospitality! Hope to see this place again soon!

Have a blessed day everyone!
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Friday, 13 September 2013

My nephew turned 3!

Happy Friday Journeyers!
Yes it's my favorite day of the week again! hehe
Last weekend we celebrated my nephews birthday as he turned 3! Where has the time gone? I still remember holding him in my arms when he was only 3 DAYS old! Now he's already 3! And I feel like it caught up with me way too fast. I really have to start spending more time with him!

My sister organised a small party for him at Dros in Alberton with 3 friends and a few family members. It was a nice relaxed day and he had so much fun. He got spoiled rotten with all his gifts and had tons of fun digging into his cake!

If you have not figured it out by now, the theme was Spider-Man. Landan is obsessed with anything Superhero! And he was privileged enough to have 2 cakes! Lucky boy! hehe. My sister donated the one cake to a Children's Shelter. Yes she has a heart of gold!

As you can gather from the photos we had a great time and he enjoyed it so much! So well done to my sister, for being such a wonderful mother! I can only dream to one day be as great as her!

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!