My name is Johlet and I am your typical South African girl.
I have no pets :( but I really really want a puppy!!! But cannot have one for now. ( There's a good reason for this, you will see further on so keep reading!)

I started this blog as a way of sharing our exciting lives with everyone out there.

So now you must be thinking "Who is this "OUR" I'm referring to?
Well OUR = Johlet + Cedric 

Our Fairy tale Story happened in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Reason I am being so specific as to where we met is that Cedric is Mauritian)

I will fill you in on the how's and where's at a later stage in a nice long Post. (Please remind me)

We try and live our lives to the fullest although I quite often hear what a big grandma I've become (thanks boo), but other than that we try and do and see as much as possible.

We love travelling, Cedric loves the bush and I love places like Rome, Venice, Paris, London and and and.
You get where I am going at.
I am still trying to figure out what exactly the plans are that I have for my life.... (Did I mention how indecisive I am, my star sign is a Libra by the way)

I have an amazing family, great parents and a younger sister who is my best friend. And I have a beautiful nephew thanks to her! :) 

So to come back to the puppy that I cannot have part, you will see from all my posts that we try and go away as much as possible over weekends and we think it will be unfair towards the pup to leave him/her alone over those periods. 

So here is to us and all the other bloggers out there making each others lives more interesting and fun!

Hope you enjoy our blog! 

All pictures used on my blog are either my own or from the internet. Thank you Google for making my life easier!

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