Friday, 20 July 2012

Perfectly Imperfect?

So you remember I told you about the amazing discovery I made HERE - yes the sunglasses!
Well guess what, I found out my face is cockeyed, great, you can just imagine my delight. (light bulb - so this is what was meant with nobody's perfect) There I was sitting in the car wondering why the sun was blinding my one eye while the other one was perfectly protected. Now you guys must think I am a total freak! haha See this is my problem with finding the perfect sunglasses. (Thank you chubby cheeks - NOT)
Anyway, there I was today on my way back to the shop to tell them their glasses are misshaped.
BUT luckily I found another pair, also on sale!!! (my luck is still on) And they fit perfectly, for now! Seems like I found my perfect match??? But I am in love with my new sunglasses, let's just hope my face stays in place!

P.S - I hope I did not offend anyone in any way or scare some of you away! I over-exaggerate sometimes allot! 

After our fun hunt for a new pair of sunglasses, I was obviously exhausted (not really) and starving (really), so we opted for a quick lunch at Europa Cafe.
They fall under the Antimo group, and Fego Cafe is one of the places, you will remember them from HERE, and as you will read from the previous post, I couldn't find a website for them, well guess what, I found it! Yay for me!
Visit them at
Cedric had the Fish and Chips (Pic 1) and I had the Tra-Porto (Rump steak strips, grilled onions, tomato in a prego sauce tramazini - Pic 2)

It was extremely good, please go try them!

Have an amazeballs weekend all you fun people!
Blogger out!


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