Tuesday, 24 July 2012

{Travel} Paris - Iced Coffee as I know it???

It is our first full day in Paris and we are ready to get the party started!
Today we spent the day wandering the streets looking for a nice Market to buy some fresh meats, cheeses and fruit but seeing as it is Monday most of the shops were closed.

And I had my first Starbucks! woop woop! or rather poop poop! So I LOVE Iced Coffee but in South Africa when you ask for Iced Coffee it is like a Milkshake type form, obviously I was expecting the same when I ordered it at Starbucks. Ding ding ding - it is not like a milkshake, it is black coffee with ice blocks in it, gross! (so that ended up in the dustbin - sad to say I know)

After that we went to go buy some groceries and ended up at home for lunch.
Then we did the ultimate tourist thing - Topless Bus Tour of the city, well worth it as you get to see most of the popular sites. I went overboard with photo's (200 to be exact), and we didn't even do the full tour!

We got off at the Champs - Elysees and did some window shopping and walked back to the apartment. If only my bank account was bigger with about 1 million euro I would go crazy in this area! Can you say walk in closet??? haha

After all that walking I was overheating and needed a beer! (yes a beer)
And look how cute my glass is! :)

We ended up having a nice dinner just up the road from the pub and ended at the pub again with an American couple that we met on Sunday night. And yet again another 2am night!

Much love

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