Saturday, 28 July 2012

{Travel} Paris - Ouch I'm RED!

As you read in a previous blog HERE to be exact, I am very white and burn easy! So today almost ended with me in tears! But we will get to that a bit later.

Today (25 July 2012) we decided it was going to be a productive day and we woke up earlier.
We got ready showered did all things pretty and off we went to our first stop, Notre Dame. The only reason we woke up earlier was to miss the que, ummm surprise, que was already very long! We had a 1,5hour wait! And the sun was pounding on us (well only me), I swear it is like the sun seeks me out between all the other people!

And then all of a sudden it hit me that I was afraid of heights! Eeeek! And I just wanted to get off asap! Scary part we were only on the first level of Notre Dame! And when we finally got down which felt like forever and saw how high the 2nd part was I was like "hell no I was going to do that"!

So by now I was looking like a lobster and I was in pain! I blame you white skin!!!! Now for the fun part of our day - bridge of locks! We walked to the Louvre and the bridge is opposite it, and found locks at one of the little street shops. Pretty colorful ones! Yay! 

As we walk away from the locks, I thought let me be the friendly tourist and ask a group of friends if I can take their photo for them (they were busy balancing their camera on a bench with the timer on) when Cedric told me "Baby they are busy smiling they can't answer you while waiting for the timer" - and then moody Johlet appeared (I think it was the sun affecting my brain) and I told Cedric to &^(#&*%T# off and called him a *$*#&, something like that. And I have this bad habit of walking storming off on my own when I "strip my moer" (go google this as I have no idea how to translate it to English). And poor Cedric just runs after me. (I am a real b#tch sometimes always - not really) 

By the way, it is 3am now and I am just writing from my Small Notebook as my memory seems to be putting me to shame! Locks = done! (Johlet = happy)
Then off to the Louvre (remember it was closed when we went on Monday), and still the sun is damn hot!

And then we went to the Museum! TOO DAMN HOT!!! Don't they know the meaning of the word AIR-CON, and seeing as it was so busy we were dying little by little. So I am very sorry but we just walked into the room with the Mona Lisa and left. Sending all of you my mental picture........NOW! You like?
Remember, we have been sight seeing for 3 days now and it is non stop walking, my feet are killing me and we are hungry and the sun just keeps on indulging on me! On the road again to the Champs de Elysees, well sort of because we are not sure where to get the bus to take us there. So walk would any normal tourist do? Stop and ask these 2 sweet old french ladies for directions and according to them it's not far we can actually walk! whahahaha what a joke! We start walking, and well walking and nothing in site! So we finally get to the beginning of the Champs de Elysees, and the restaurant we are on our way to is still freaking far! So now we stop and ask the Police officer what would he suggest we do? His answer? WALK! whahahaha these people are funny! So I show him how burnt I am and he thinks its hilarious! So he says in that case the metro which was around the corner. Woohoo! Off we go!


I think you know which one I had (fussy eater remember?)
And the after:

We ended the night at, yes you guessed it, O'Briens with Cedric's brother and his girlfriend! Fun ending to our hectic walking day!

Seems like my creativity is flowing this time of the morning, but I am sorry it is coming to and end, for now! Will entertain you again, soon! Don't worry!
And I am sooo tired while typing this but don't want to disappoint and in the process it seems like I am bombarding you with information about my holiday! How fun! 
Lekker slaap almal!!!!!


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