Monday, 16 July 2012

Forgetful Letty (No not Betty)

Hello all you crazy bloggers!
Hope everyone had a blast over the always too short weekend!
All we did this weekend was shop for the last necessary (no you do not really need this Johlet but my card is burning my pocket) things for our holiday this weekend!
Anyway with my luck I couldn't find anything on my list of "Things I need (NOT)".
Except one thing I did find that was a real bonus as I've been struggling to find this for YEARS, and when I say years that's not me exaggerating! I was blessed with these really chubby cheeks (hate them), and when I want to buy myself sunglasses my cheeks are always in the way. You know when sunglasses sit on your cheeks (especially the latest big ass glasses), and you laugh and the sunglasses almost go flying over your head? Well that's my life with sunglasses, as soon as I smile or laugh, the glasses move like they are alive! So I have always been looking for glasses that don't touch my cheeks! (impossible to find)
And guess what....this weekend I finally found a pair!!!! woohoo!!! And they were 30% off! Double woooohoooo!

Now I am just busy boring you with non stop babble! So all of you know by now we are going to Paris and Cedric knows I am quite attached to my blog lately! (oops)
After hearing numerous times from Cedric that I will be sobbing over not being able to blog while on holiday, I told him last night that I am planning to take a SMALL notebook (so that no one will think I am a freak) with me and just dab down notes for myself on what we have been doing on a daily basis while on holiday. Reason for this is, if I have to start blogging once back from holiday you will be reading this:


Exactly, I am extremely forgetful and sometimes wonder if I shouldn't go see a doctor regarding this little problem I have....what was I saying again? Kidding I'm not THAT forgetful!
By now you should have figures out this is the reason for my post title.
Okay back to me telling Cedric about my little plan regarding "Mission Notebook". His response, are you crazy, you will spend most of your time writing and people will think you are insane". Huh! Didn't he listen when I said "dab down notes"??? Men!

So this is my plan for keeping all my 9 followers (if you are not following me yet do that!...pretty please) happy with up to date details of my holiday!

Have a Manic Monday all!

"To succeed.... You need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you." - Tony Dorsett


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