Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Michelangelo Hotel - High Tea

Hello Journeyers!
After our return from a wonderful December holiday Irina and I decided it's time for a little catch up session. So she organised a lovely Sunday afternoon High Tea with fellow bloggers, Chicara, Cassidy and Tammy at The Michelangelo Hotel at Sandton City.
This was going to be my very first High Tea so it is rather obvious that I was extremely excited. I have a very big sweet tooth! Too big sometimes, the proof is in my teeth! haha
I arrived a bit too early (as usual - Cedric always says if you are on time you are late) so I had more than enough time to go and soak in all the bright colours from the dilectable buffet table and take a few snaps before everyone started tastefully stuffing their faces!

WARNING: The following images may result in you either biting or licking your computer/phone. Don't say I didn't warn you!

"Located on Nelson Mandela Square, ‘Africa’s Business and Lifestyle Capital’, The Michelangelo is the very essence of status and success. The Michelangelo offers world-class facilities in a stylish and elegant setting with easy access to Africa’s finest shops, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. The Michelangelo is a proud member of the ‘Leading Hotels of the World’."

I know this Hotel pretty good since it's our central meeting point for when his parents come to visit. But I've never actually ever eaten there, we always just wait with a drink or two. The decor is very vintage and it feels like you are transported into a different century when you walk in. I kind of felt like Rose from Titanic. All that was missing was my long white gloves and long thin cigarette. The High Tea was served at the Picollo Mondo Restaurant and as you can see from the photos we feasted like Kings and Queens.  

Things to do
Here you must rather ask what can't you do! The About section above sums it up nicely. As you gathered it is on the Nelson Mandela Square and with a big variety of restaurants and coffee shops it's the pefect location to sit and relax while sipping on a cappuchinno or enjoying a light lunch after breaking the bank at some of the best shops that Johannesburg has to offer. There is enough to do to entertain you from breakfast to dinner. And you can always end the night by watching a nice movie.

Things that made me happy
The service was good.
The food was great. Too bad my stomach isn't bigger.

Things that made me sad
I wish they refilled some of the more popular foods more often.
There were so many things that I wanted to try but was finished by the time that I got to the buffet.
After we paid our bill we sat chatting a while longer (it's what woman do best) and the waiter came to ask us if he can open another tab for us. I saw it as he wanted us to either leave or order something else and not just sit there and take up space.
I wish they tell you when you arrive what the High Tea includes before you order something else.

Chicara & Cassidy
Johlet // Irina // Chicara
Cassidy // Johlet // Irina
Cassidy // Chicara // Johlet
Cassidy // Chicara // Tammy // Irina // Johlet
The High Tea cost R170 per person and included a magnificent display of mouthwatering food and hot drinks.

You can find them here:

Please do share with me what you think of it if you decide to go visit!

And my OJTE Star Rating verdict is......drum roll please!!!!!
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  1. Whoa! Ek sou al daardie goed opgeeet het!

    1. Ek moes myself omtrent keer of ek het! :)

  2. The outing looks lovely and the food mmmm.....scrumptious :)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Kim!

  3. Too much deliciousness all in one place!! I really hate it when waiters try and rush you out, let us sit and chat, If we chat enough we will get thirsty and order another round of drinks!

    1. Very true. We were just finishing off conversation. Even if it took us an hour.
      Thank you for dropping by!

  4. Replies
    1. It's safe to say that there's no healthy eating going on at one of these! :)
      Thank you for taking the time to comment! I hope the wedding arrangement are going smoothly!

  5. Nice! I want to try it soon
    You looked stunning in the pics

      Ahhh thank you! :) xxx


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