Monday, 24 February 2014


Hello Journeyers!
Is it only me or is this year already FLYING by and I can't keep up anymore. I have so many BIG decisions to make and I'm really struggling with it. It's especially annoying because I am getting mixed responses from the people around me. So now it's up to me I assume.
Anyway, I realised the other day that I have not done my Insta-Monthly posts since December and I frankly miss them! So here you go. This Insta-Monthly will make up for my December - January - February misses.

We are ready to enter 2014! 
I don't look too bad for someone who only went to bed at 5:30am
Last night in Mauritius. What better way than to end it with very strong cocktails!
We brought back a mascot for our car and named it Mo-Dodo
Mo-Dodo on his first weekend trip with Mo-Landy
We also bought a rooftop tent for Mo-Landy! Our first night testing it out!
Pimped out and ready to take on Africa
My boo went back to MRU for business. And I missed him...
I babysat Landan and he took over our room.
High Tea with these gorgeous blogger ladies
Boo is back! Balloons to welcome him
Hmmm yummy cocktails for our date night
When the weather is bad, we party it on at home
So proud of this lady. I went to school with her and she's doing so well for herself. She blogs too!
We found this amazing camp site. Blog Post coming soon
We love spending time next to the fireeeee
I attended a Media Launch at The Maslow Hotel. Perfect venue. Blog post also coming soon.
We celebrated V-day and Cedric got spoiled in bed.
What better way than to be at home on V-day. 
We went camping with Tammy and her husband and daughter. Thanks to her Cedric wants children. haha

Do you enjoy my Insta-Monthly posts? Want me to keep doing them? Let me know below! :)

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  1. Hi Johlet, these are such splendid photo memories, camping looks like immense fun! These are such pretty pics of you!Thanks for lending me your thoughts on my last post dear.

  2. Hope you find some clarity, love all the pictures. Hope you have an amazing week ahead.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. Thank you lady!
      I'm sure I will.
      Have a great week! Halfway to the weekend!


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