Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Mauritius {Part 1}

Happy Hump day Journeyers!
I cannot believe we are already in February and next week we will be celebrating the all so popular Valentines Day. To be honest, I have no idea how I feel about this day. On the one hand I fall for all the love going around and on the other hand I see it as just a big money making scheme!

Today I want to share with you guys the first few days of our amazing December holiday in Mauritius. This was the first year that I spent Christmas with Cedric, and well his family since we've started dating!
I was extremely nervous, like anyone will be when celebrating something this big with a family as big as his. And in all honesty I had such a wonderful time and the nerves just floated away as the first dinner approached.

Cedric surprised me by upgrading us to Business Class as part of my Christmas Gift. This was my very first experiece in BC, aside from working it in my Flight Attendant days and I was very impressed. I could sleep like normal. No neck cramps, embarrassing head nods or strange knees squashed to your chin moments. You are greeted in your seat with proper champagne or orange juice (I obviously went for the champers - have to do this right you know) and then I was out. Slept straight through food service and woke up just as we were about to land.

We were welcomed to a sunny and very humid Mauritius and it showed off a bit by giving us views and days like this. Although we were expected to get the after affects of a Cyclone that was passing we were lucky enough to not get it that bad. A bit of rain and cloudy days. But still humid and we could still enjoy the pool. Who's afraid of a bit of rain?
We arrived at 8am and Cedric's friends were expected to arrive at 12 for his surprise birthday party! SUCCESS!!! He was shocked and very surprised (no one spoiled it beforehand), his face was priceless and I loved watching him catch up with old friends. I also loved meeting most of the friends that I have not met before. The Mauritians truly are great people!

Our next day (22nd) we woke up and went for a nice walk through the property. I was running more as Cedric took me through low hanging trees with dried leaves covering the ground like a blanket. I did not trust walking through those leaves. My mind likes playing tricks on me and all the while I was thinking about what was going to jump out at me next. He just shook his head. But I did manage to take some beautiful photos. It's so green and fresh. And the COCONUT trees give you the ulitmate Island feeling. {Funny story. I properly hammered my name with a plank when I in all seriousness asked Cedric's father; "Are these melons on the tree ready to eat?" Him responding; "What melons" Me; "These right here on this tree." (me pointing to the coconut tree) Him; "Ummm {almost rolling on the floor with laughter} no that's coconuts, you know - CO-CO-NUT - CO-CO-NUT TREE" To which his mother replied; "Shame she's from the city". Not my best moment I tell you. And that's the story of how coconuts were called melons from that day on.}
After our hike we packed a few things and off we went to the centre of the island (Floreal) for the Festivities to begin.

On the 24th Cedric decided to go show me a different side of the island a bit and we stopped by his uncle on the West Coast to say hello. On our way back Cedric decided to take a different route and we went over the Chamarel Mountain on our way back.
We decided to stop for a nice lunch on the mountain at Le Chamarel Restaurant and the views litterally take your breath away. This truly is a beautiful place. Do yourself a favour. If you ever go to Mauritius go visit that part of the Island. It's something different. You can also find a very popular tourist attraction there - 7 Coloured Earths. We unfortunately did not stop there as I was starting to get car sick from all the twists and turns up to the mountain. So I just wanted to get off that mountain. I know but next time I will Take 2!

All 3 Christmas Dinner/Lunch was amazing, the attention to detail with the table decor to the food was perfect and beautiful! Cedric's mother is very talented! She can turn something that I would throw away and see as junk into a masterpiece!
Every night turned into a early 2am - 3am party. On the 24th at 3am, I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. We have been going bed early mornings since we arrived and it was catching up to me. And to be honest. If South Africans thought that we know how to party, newsflash, we don't. The Mauritians kicked my butt. And that's exactly what I told them as I said my good nights. I need to pack myself a case of Play's next time I go. But it was so much fun and I will do it ALL over again. With a Play in my hand of course!

And we had a pet! A giant tortoise who we called Timothy Traddle. I think. It actually had a few names between all of us. But it was so big and it reminded me of that cartoon I watched when I was young.

After all the family and friends get togethers we needed some alone time and decided to have a date night before my friends arrived the next morning. Cedric's father suggested we go for dinner at Anahita and both of us spent the evening communicating with hmmm's and ahhh's as we had our dinner. The food was impeccable and this was definitely the highlight of my holiday. If there are any big golf fans out there reading this. GO BOOK A STAY THERE NOW! With a Ernie Els designed Golf Course you are sure to have your socks knocked off by the beauty of this resort. You won't be disappointed. Trust me!

And with my bestie arriving the next day, we find out that there's another cyclone approaching. Let's pray the weather plays along for their part of the trip. To find out how it turned out. Stay tuned and watch this space...

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  1. Wat 'n fantastiese belewenis!

  2. You were a flight attendant?? How awesome is that! Beautiful pictures, Johlet!

    1. Yes hehe, but not for long. I left before we went international. :)
      Thank you!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful Johlet! It makes me want to go back to Mauritius right now! Looks like you had such a fab time :) When we went to Mauritius last year, my boyfriend also sneakily upgraded us to Business Class. Wow! So luxurious and such a treat, and it made the holiday even better :) xx

    1. Thank you Loren!
      I love Mauritius! And BC! hehe


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