Monday, 10 February 2014

OJTE Star Rating

Hello Journeyers!
So I have been thinking. I will be doing many more travel / adventure posts.
I will be sharing what I like and don't like about places we've been to. No better way to show my interest in the place than a "star rating" at the end of the blog post!
Please remember that these ratings will be based on my own personal views and experiences of the place and not the actual ratings.

They will work as follows:
1 Star - The place was not to my liking. It was not worth the price. It was not neat and clean. We hardly saw any animals even though they advertised it. The hosts / owners were rude / unpleasent.
2 Stars - The place was okay. Not great but bearable. Will consider going back but wont be my 1st option.
3 Stars - The place was nice. The price was good. It was neat and clean. We saw some animals but heard them more. The views were nice and the owners / managers were friendly.
4 Star - The place was really nice. Great price. Spectacular surroundings with a wide variety of animals. The owners / managers were very friendly. Good service.
5 Star - Need I say more? Everything was PERFECT!!!! If you want to treat yourself go visit this place! You will not be disappointed!

I'm looking forward to read what all of your thoughts are! :)

Thank you for your undying support Journeyers!


  1. Such a cool idea to use the star system! Looking forward to your travel reviews :)

  2. Great idea, can't wait for more!


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