Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Kievits Kroon

Hello Journeyers!
WOW am I living in a bit of a fantasy world today. I went to the Tumi Spring 2014 Collection Media Launch this morning and oh my. But more on that another day....
Cedric and I decided that this year we will be doing more fun and different things. You know in every day life one gets caught up in the same routine over and over. Like if we don't go away over a weekend we end up losing a weekend by either doing the same thing over and over. It gets well...boring. Joburg and surrounding areas have so many fun and interesting things to do and places to see. I stumbled upon Kievits Kroon when I Googled "Wine tasting in Johannesburg" (I know don't ask). So I told Cedric about them the Friday and told him I don't care if we have to drive 100km's (there and back) we will go there for their Sunday lunch. I invited Irina and her other half, Steve to join us. 

"Kievits Kroon is a 16 hectare upmarket country estate in Pretoria, Gauteng, with superb leisure and conferencing facilities. Built in 1997, the estate once had a chapel and was a popular wedding venue, but the chapel has now been converted to a conference venue.
With its lush manicured lawns, beautiful rose bed, landscaped gardens and Cape Dutch-style Manor House, Kievits Kroon is reminiscent of the wine estates of the Cape, and has been labelled ‘the Winelands in Gauteng’. In 2011, it cemented this relationship with the Cape by launching its own Grand Rouge and Sauvignon Blanc wines, which are included on the estate’s award-winning wine list.
Today this luxury, award-winning hotel in Pretoria, just 45 minutes from Sandton, is acknowledged to be one of the top 10 romantic getaways in Gauteng, and one of the leading wellness spas in the country."

This place is truly breathtaking. It feels like you are transported onto a winefarm in Stellenbosch somewhere meanwhile you are just outside of the hustle and bustle of Pretoria. Cedric and I decided to sit outside at the Library Bar while waiting for Irina and Steve. You almost don't realise how fast the time flies. The views are just too pretty. Poor Irina and Steve were lucky unlucky enough to find some Sunday accident traffic and drove 2hours. Even though we were an hour late with our booking the manager made time and space for us.
We opted for the delectable 5-course Sunday Lunch which is served at one of the two restaurants on the premises - Granita. It has a beautiful view overlooking the green gardens and crystal clear pool.

The menu consisted of: (In order as pictured above)
Amuse Bouche
Mango and Prosciutto salad with honey dressing
Soup Chef's Choice - Potato
Grilled scallops with pickled carrot puree and a saffron foam
Lamb rack served with potato fondant, Mediterranean vegetable ratatouille and onion mash
Chocolate cake accompanied by duo of chocolate and vanilla mousse

After the mouthwatering lunch Irina and I were off to take some photos. I must apologise in advance as I took so many photos that it was very difficult for me to choose only a few. Too bad we weren't there for longer otherwise I would have booked myself a spa session and a nice swim in the pool. I took some gorgeous outfit photos for Irina. And she tried to take some of me - epic fail. I feel like a complete idiot when having to pose for photos.

Things to do:
There are quite a few things to do. Depending on what you like. They have a bar. Two restaurants. A wellness spa. Outdoor pool and bar. You can even organise a picnic and they set it up outside for you under the trees or by the pool! That seemed to be rather popular under the people as there were at least 4 groups having picnics and it looked so nice. Just make sure you phone 3 days in advance to book if you want to do the picnic.

VIP Suites
Junior Suites
Executive Rooms
Superior Luxury Rooms
Luxury Rooms
Zulu Rooms
Standard Rooms
Rooms for disabled Guests

Things that made me happy
The views.
The food.
The patience that the manager had with us.
The property was very clean and neat.
No children under 14 allowed. Don't get me wrong I love children. But sometimes it's better not to hear screaming in the background.

Things that made me sad
The table and serviettes were a bit dirty.
The service was a bit slow.
A little bit of maintenance is required here and there.
The waiters were talking very loud by the bar.

Our 5 course meal cost R185 per person excluding drinks.

For any other queries or rates please go visit them here:

Please do share with me what you think of the place if you decide to go visit!

And my OJTE Star Rating verdict is......drum roll please!!!!!
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  1. Looks absolutely lovely! You're right, one could easily imagine that they were in CT. Jurgen and I will definitely have to try this sometime.


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