Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mauritius {Part 2}

Holy Cow! Is it only me or has this week been dragging?
It's ONLY Thursday! *yawn* I hope you guys enjoyed my Part 1 of our Holiday in Mauritius. And in case you have missed it, you can go find it HERE. But seriously now, even if you did see it, I know you want to see it again, so HERE it is.
After days of Christmas festivities, late nights and a memorable date night, Cedric and I were tugged away and halfway on our way to dreamland, when I could feel Cedric toss and turning. Now we have to wake up in a few hours and this woman needs her happy sleep or she turns into this ugly misserable blob of a thing to deal with. But the tossing continued. Eventually I fell asleep with it and as our alarm go off I hear. "I didn't sleep well" My mind responds with "no sh*t sherlock" but I kept that to myself. {que misserable blob}
Me: "I noticed you didn't sleep well boo boo, but why?" Ced: "We forgot to give Aimee and Sev my address and contact details to give to custome" Me: "Oh bleep! {me frantically texting Aimee praying that their roaming is working}"
As we arrive at the airport we wait....and wait some more. Tring tring. Ced: "Hello...yes this is him. Yes Aimee and Sev are coming to stay by me...bla bla bla"

And a few minutes later these two faces came walking out. Sighs of relief between Cedric and myself. So it ended with them being questioned and treated a bit like they have bombs strapped to them at customs till customs finally believed them and let them through. Note to self: ALWAYS remember to give ALL neccessary details to travelling partners. And that's the story of how Aimee and Sev were minutes away of being interogated by Mauritian Customs. But they arrived safely, they are through customs and now their / our holiday can begin!

With another Cyclone warning on it's way we made sure to take full advantage of the days that were filled with sunshine and warm weather. We spent our days lying by the pool and eating and drinking WAY too much! They arrived the Friday and we had beautiful weather.

The Saturday the boys joined some of Ced's friends for their annual boys get together. And murphys law. Aimee and I were stuck inside while watching the rain fall. But that didn't stop us from eating, catching up over some tea and snapping some gorgeous nature photos. After giving up with our cameras and their self timers while running up and down the terrace trying to get nice photos of us.

The next day it was crystal clear and sunny. Perfect! The guys were off to play some golf at Anahita and Aimee and myself took advantage of the yummy breakfast buffet and then hit the beach. Get our tans on you know! Whahahaha. Utter fail! We for one did NOT put suncream. And after a good hour and a half I would say we decided to hit the shade a bit. Shock and Horror as we looked at each other. We looked like bloody lobsters! So we decided to hide take a break from the sun and go watch the guys finish their game instead. With the sun eating us and cheering on our men we worked up quite and apetite and so we ended our day with a yummy lunch overlooking the ocean and drinking more wine.

Sev is a big fishing fan {FF?} hehe, and he and Cedric used every opportunity to do some fishing. I'm not such a big fan, well I can tolerate it. What I CAN'T cope with are the mozzies. Thousands of mozzies seeking my sweet South African blood! They were all over Aimee, Sev and myself. The more Peaceful Sleep and Tabard we would put on the more they will attack us. We seriously looked like weirdos doing some sort of monkey dance trying to get away from the blood suckers! So yes, that is why I only managed to go fishing once. But Sev did catch us a nice Kingfish which we cooked and ate that night for dinner!

And then all hell broke lose. Yes. The mean, moody and bitchy Johlet emerged. I don't know why but my moods do sometimes get the better of me and I want to apologise again to Aimee and Sev for having to put up with it! But in between the hissy fits and rainy weather we squeezed in a trip to Ile aux cerf. The most popular beach in Mauritius. With crystal clear water and a white sandy beach we spent the day floating in the shallow water, while staring at watching 2 ladies go topless accross from us. Not a pretty sight as I prefer mine to stay cozy and snuck hidden behind pretty colourful bikini tops. The guys sure didn't mind and Aimee and I had a good giggle while watching them "try" to do the whole subtle I'm looking at the "view" thing. FAIL! kwahahaha

Then on the night before entering 2014, the weather started turning on us once again. The wind picked up. But that did not dampen our party moods. We had a great dinner at Cedric's parents house which they generously offered to us for the night. We watched a spectacular display of fireworks from Le Touessrok. {I wanted to put up a video I took but I cannot sensor some of the words of amazement that pops up} Cedric's parents invited us to join them after midnight at Four Seasons and then we went to end the night at Anahita. The hotels were lit up in the prettiest colours! They sure know how to throw a New Years bash! I can tell you that!

I would say we looked pretty darn good for people who went to bed at 05:30! And no my eyes are not red because I'm tired. I actually got a eye infection the 30th! Itchy burny eyes while on holiday is horrible! Trust me. I had to go get S4 drops from the doc when I arrived back in SA and after already sitting with this for 10 days it finally started to get better. As we entered the new year so did the cyclone.

Cedric and I went for a drive just to go see how bad it was getting outside and this was the result. It wasn't THAT bad. But it was only warning 2. And I can only imagine how much worse it looks when it hits warning 4. Thank goodness the Cyclone hit Reunion Island {sorry for the people there} and this was only after affects of it. This still did not stop us from having a massive braai with friends the evening and making the most of our holiday.

Strange to think just 2 days later the weather was like this...perfectly clear. And murphys law that this was on the day we left. Murphy you suck! Big time! But still, even with all the ups and downs {that would be my moods and the weather} we had a great holiday.
Thank you to my boo boo for the perfect holiday and to your family for always going out of their way to make it extra special!
Thank you to Aimee and Sev for joining us! Sorry we did not do more but there's always next time....

Airline Ticket Prices - R5 000.00 - R10 000 {depending what period you go}
Best time to go from MY point of view? May - Sept
Why? The weather is still nice but it's out of season so it's more affordable.
If you are going to stay in a hotel. I would suggest take full board and shop around for prices.

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  1. I can't help but stare at the photos of the turquoise blue ocean! haha! I just want to jump into my laptop screen and go there :( Such beautiful photos! :) xx

    1. I know that water is something else hey!
      Thank you!

  2. Beautiful photos! Ah... I so want to go back! We went for our honeymoon and stayed at Le Tousserok, it was amazing. Ile aux cerf was one of our favorites too. Can't wait to read more about your travels!!

    V @

    1. Thank you V! You have to go back. Mauritius is a magical place! Oh Le Touessrok is INCREDIBLE! Thank you very much for dropping by my blog!


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