Thursday, 2 August 2012

{Travel} South African bar in the middle of Paris!

It is semi final Rugby and obviously Cedric cannot miss this! So there he was on the internet looking for a bar that will show the live match. And what do you know, we found one, it is called La Pomme D'eve (yes I know doesn't sound very SA! But still Awesome!

So today (28 July 2012) we started off by sleeping late! Seeing we only got to bed at 4am! Well deserved sleep I would say! Then we all got ready, Lelande and Alan went to the graveyard and Cedric and I went on a mission to find this bar! But first a Starbucks Coffee Frappuchino! Yum!

And what a mission it was to find this pub, but by the end of the day we walked through the cutest streets, saw the Pantheon (pic 1), and found an English Pub (pic 2).

We watched the rugby (our team we supported for the match lost :( boohoo)
Then we were off to find some gooood food!
And what good food it was! The restaurant was so cute (pic 1 & 2). I had beef (pic 3), Cedric had duck (pic 4) and Nicolas had lamb (pic 5).

My extremely handsome boyfriend in the cute street in front of the restaurant.

And us at the metro waiting to go back to "our" little pub - O'Briens.

Yet a fun ending to another day in Paris! 
Paris was love at first sight for me! It is such a beautiful city with so many things to explore!

Almost weekend people! Hang in there!
With love


  1. The food looks amazing. I definitely came back a few pounds heavier, even though you're walking everywhere.

    1. I lived on the Nutella Crepes! I have more of a sweet tooth! But the food really is MAGICAL!


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