Thursday, 2 August 2012

How Paris happened....

This post should have actually happened first, but oh well, poop happens!
I just realised that I never told you how we ended up going to Paris.
We met up with Lelande and Alan for dinner and drinks one Monday night in February (22nd to be exact). We had a lot of fun and the shooters were flowing! And then out of the blue we start talking about holidays we are planning and the next thing you know I am busy writing a contract in my notebook to say the we will definitely go.

The next day I was busy looking for flights and 2 weeks after that our tickets were booked!
We managed to pull off an amazing and expensive holiday in 5months! I think we rock for doing that! But never again, all the stress about having to save enough was just too much! Next time we plan well ahead!
And this way I am also able to tick off one of my Dream Destinations from my list that you can find HERE!

That makes me one happy chappy! (big awkward smile)

"Ingenuity plus courage plus work equals miracles." - Unknown

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