Monday, 6 August 2012

{Travel} Paris - Soak in the "doing nothing"

First weekend at home after our holiday and I am not looking forward to the first full week back at work! Why can't I just win the lotto??? (bet all of us are wishing this)
This weekend we did almost nothing! Friday we had a braai at home and I had a few glasses of wine. Saturday slept until 1pm (I know that's disgraceful) but much needed! Then we went to go do some grocery shopping and stayed in the evening and I had more glasses of wine! Oh my word! I didn't take any pictures of this as when I enjoy a glass of wine at home I am usually in my pajamas or scrappy clothes. (not a nice sight for all you bloggers) so I will upload one from the holiday.

Today we went to go visit my sister, Landan and her boyfriend and to look at their new apartment. Was good go see her I miss her so much when I go without seeing her for more than 2 weeks! What can I say, she's my crazy other half and I love her! (she is going to kill me when she sees this photo)

Then I know while on holiday I read that Rascals are back on the market! woohoo! Brings back a lot of good childhood memories! So when I saw it in Spar over the weekend I bought myself all the flavors. (guilty) 

And while in Abu Dhabi standing at check in I suddenly had this craving for Nando's, and today we had that for lunch! Yum! 

I know I still owe you guys my last day of holiday post, don't worry it's coming! All good things come to those who wait! 
And the reason for this Post Title is, this weekend I made sure I got as much doing nothing out of Cedric as possible, because I know from next weekend it will be busy again with fun and exciting things. (I hope)

Much Monday love


  1. Awh, the last pic made me so hungry :D I'm glad you're having a fun time ^^

    xo, L
    PS: Be sure to check out my latest post ;3

    1. I know and the burger was soooo good! :)
      Following you :)



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