Wednesday, 1 August 2012

{Travel} Shopping in Paris!

Don't worry I am slowly but surely catching up to the holiday blogging!
Today (27 July 2012) was a day filled with mixed emotions.
Cedric and myself went shopping, after almost buying a new camera (it is on our list by the way), and almost buying a Ipod (also on our list) we ended up buying none of the aforementioned. haha
We are comparing the prices here to what we would pay in South Africa and it's more or less the same so will rather go look around when back home.

We shopped on the Champs Elysees, and I went to H&M, there are sales everywhere which meant the shops were packed and then I get irritated. But I found a bargain people! A dress for 3 Euro!!!!!! I paid with coins! Felt extremely strange to me! But fun!

Then we went for lunch at Pizza Pino, I had pizza and Cedric had seafood.

We also went to the Market in one of the streets close to the apartment. And this was when the weather also started changing a bit, the rain decided to join us on holiday, but only a light visit now and then! We didn't complain, after the heat the last few days we enjoyed the cool rain on our skin!

I also bought the cutest green dress from a boutique opposite our apartment, and also found out that my big South African hips don't fit into the small pants sizes from Paris! Now I don't know if I should feel fat or just very curvy??? Think I will go with curvy!
The evening we went to watch Moulin Rouge! mmmm my opinion is it is very expensive. The show is nice but you pay more for the name "Moulin Rouge" than the product. So I did shopping at the souvenir shop there. We went for a quick Mussels dinner before the show.

And that is the way to end a day of shopping in Paris!
Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. That's amazing you got to see a show. I guess it is really hyped up, but at least you can say you went :)

    1. It was exciting. And yes at least I can say I was there!


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