Monday, 13 August 2012

Poo for Mondays!

Well well well, who could have guessed it. Monday decided to make it's appearance one day earlier! I hate Mondays! I honestly think Mondays are only in our lives to make it miserable and unforgiving! From what I've experienced I always end up being the grumpiest on this day. Don't ask me why it just happens! If only Monday fell under the weekend our relationship would be so much better!
Let's get back to what we have been up to the past weekend. We had a nice public holiday on Thursday (9 August 2012), and it was Woman's Day! We are so awesome that they actually gave us our own Holiday! Yay to us!
We spent our day hmmm seems like I'm struggling of that short term memory loss I told you about before now. Oh yes now I remember, we went SHOPPING! How on earth could I forget that??? Yes and Cedric did spoil me! Yay to Cedric!
After that we had a Neighbour Club braai! (Let me quickly explain this to you - we are renting a cottage in someone's garden. So there is the Main house with 3 cottages on the property. And all of us are like a mini family) So now that we have that explained let me go on. Cedric made the yummiest fillet on the Weber and the wine was flowing freely!

Friday we babysat the cutest guy alive (after Cedric that is) - Landan! Yes my sisters cute little boy! You really just want to eat him up when you see him! So cute!

The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping LATE! (what's new there?) and eating lots of crap! Well not everything I ate was crap, Saturday Cedric's sister and her husband arrived in SA and came to us for dinner. And once again we had the yummy fillet on the Weber!
(Yes that is Cedric's specialty! And he rocks with it and any other type of food making you can think of) Unfair! I am terrible in the kitchen! Then the part came to take the group picture at the dinner table! I do not own a tripod! (Note to self - invest in one asap) So look what we ended up using! I knew it would come in handy one day! (joking I actually do use it in summer times, every day to be exact)

And this is the end result to our awesome Tripod!

And the food:

The crap eating part happened yesterday, it involved me having Wimply for lunch (yes I only got out of bed again at 11:30 so by the time Cedric got back from gym it was lunch time!)

I'm firmly believing that when Cedric goes to gym he is actually taking my fat with him, that is why I don't exercise in winter and eat as much as I want! And I will continue believing that till someone tells me otherwise!
After lunch we went on a major shopping spree! I hate these ones because we act like we have all the money in the world and just spend! We bough our first ipod! Woohoo!

Now to figure out how itunes work!
The evening we went to dinner at The Grillhouse with his brother and his wife and his sister and her husband!
We also spent our evenings watching the PGA!

And my favourite player won! Well done to Rory Mcilroy!
And that my wonderful bloggers are a weekend in our lives!

"Great lives are the culmination of great thoughts followed by great actions." - Peter Sinclair

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