Friday, 31 August 2012

Let's hit them balls!!!

Gooooood Morning!!!
It's the WEEEEEKEEEND Babyyyyyyyy!!!!
I am so happy it is Friday and at the same time freaking out! Have any of you realised how fast this year is flying by? Feels like just yesterday I told my friend "can you believe we are already going into August?" and now I am saying "hey can you believe it's September tomorrow?".

Anyway that's not the reason for this post, I know I have been saying in a previous post how I need to start learning golf.
Well that day has finally arrived, last night Cedric and I hopped in the car and off we went to The Pro Shop to go buy me my first set of Clubs! Woohoo!
We struck gold with this deal! Cedric was very hesitant with buying me a whole set because he knows me, I get irritated quickly when I can't get something right. (hmmm now I am starting to wonder if golf is then really the right choice of sport for me, I mean you have this long steel pipe thing with a small thingy at the bottom and you have to hit a ball the size of a mouse with this small thingy at the bottom. And for someone who has terrible hand and eye coordination this can become a problem.)
I've been hit in the face more times with a ball the size of my head than I've actually caught the ball. Just a small example of how bad I am with balls. 

So there we are at The Pro Shop and they have this MASSIVE sale going on! One of the promotions they had going was a "Golf Starter Kit" where you get a 12 Set beginners golf set, a towel, shoes, a glove, umbrella and tee's for only R1500! And obviously I needed some balls too, so I got cute pink ones! 
Needless to say I am extremely excited to start practicing and our target it so have my playing 18holes by December.

Let the training begin!
Have a Freaky Friday all you crazy Journeyers!
"Kindness is for all times in all situations - not just when it suits you." - Audray Landrum


  1. So cute :) I'd like to try it :))
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    1. Thank you Carolyne!
      Following you already! :)
      Love your blog!

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    1. Hi Chris!
      Thank you so much for following our blog!
      I will follow you with pleasure! :)
      Have a nice day!

  3. Oh my god, i love your blog, would you like to follow eachother??? xxx

    1. Thank you Jess and Paloma! :)
      Would love to follow each other!

  4. Golf is one of my favorite games to play! Visit my blog!

    1. I cannot wait to go to the driving range tomorrow to do some practicing! :)
      Do you want to follow each other?

  5. Replies
    1. Need I say more??? PINK BALLS!!!! :)
      Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Have a nice weekend! Hope you had fun time!

    1. The fun is yet to start! :)

      Have an awesome weekend!!!


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