Friday, 3 August 2012

{Travel} Paris - Caricatures in Montmartre and Date Night!

Good Morning all you lovely people!
It is Friday and I am sooo happy!!! Yes weekend has finally arrived and what better way to start it off than a cold winters day and work - NOT! haha
Anyway today I am telling you about our 8th Day in Paris! (29 July 2012) After a little drama (started by yours truly) we kicked the morning off with little sleep and one hangover! (no I am not mentioning names) We put on our pretty faces and hopped on the metro on our way to Montmartre for the day!

Once there we met up with L & A for a quick drink where a older man did our caricature but what a failure, it looked nothing like us, I was actually a bit insulted with the way he portrayed me. After that crap experience we decided to go to the people who have portfolios and we were all rather happy with how the end results of our caricatures turned out! And it is rather hilarious.

And the end result:

The picture that Cedric is holding is the insulting one, don't you think? I look like a witch! And the one I am holding is the real one! Awww I like it! haha
Then we went for lunch next to the place we had dinner at before Moulin Rouge. Yes you guessed it, for Mussels again! haha

After our yummy lunch we went to Sacre Coeur, what a beautiful place, but once again too many people! :(

and we didn't have enough energy to struggle through crowds to go inside so we admired it from the outside, and bought the cutest gifts for all the babies in our families.

On our way home, 2 blocks from the apartment to be exact, it started to rain, but was expected as it was rather chilly that day. But don't we look cute with our umbrellas? And once again we were lights out for a well deserved nap! I love my sleep and get VERY upset when I don't get enough of it!

And then my favorite part of the holiday I must say - DATE NIGHT! (hearts in my eyes and butterflies in my tummy)

Cedric and I strolled through the rainy streets of Paris on our way to finding a restaurant. We had dinner at Cafe Constant. One word! Mouthwatering! I died and went to heaven with the food I think!

So we bought the Chefs cookbook! And I know it will just sit on our shelf staring at me begging to use it! Maybe one day!
I had crab on potato salad for starters (pic 1) and Cedric had foie gras (pic 2) and for mains I had beef with mash (pic 3) and Cedric had veal brain, tongue and head (pic 4).

After dinner we did most of our souvenir shopping and had a night cap at the pub and off to bed! 
Damn I love Paris! 

"Success is a journey, not a destination." - Google, Anonymous


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