Friday, 18 October 2013

The Laser Beautique

Happy Friday Journeyers!
I feel like this month is really tackling me from all directions, and the best part I can't see it coming! haha. Only because we are already past halfway! Where is the time going???
I have been so busy organising the #JHBbloggermeetup that I am losing track of the days. But I am enjoying every minute of it and I cannot wait to meet everyone in 22 Days!!!!! *happy dance*

Back to business, I won a R500 Voucher with Lipgloss Kisses from The Laser Beautique back in JUNE!!! Yes, June people! *shocking* One thing I've realised is that I'm horrible when it comes to vouchers. Not that I don't like them, I love them. I just forget about them. Now I have to be honest, when I first heard that I won, I first jumped up and down with excitement and then I froze, because all I read was "LASER". And to be honest, I'm terribly scared of anything laser! And after going through their list of things that they do I still didn't find the "fun" parts of it. Till I saw a post from Chicara where she said she went for a manicure. So I scurried back to their website and found the "fun" parts. haha. Big blonde / brunette moment from my side! And I immediately phoned them and booked a nice 30min Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage and a Deluxe Mani.

I was welcomed by the friendly faced staff from the one in Morningside Shopping Centre.
I first had my mani done, which I found out was actually not a normal mani, it was Shellac. I was extremely happy as I've been wanting to do this for a while! With a wide variety of colours to choose from I was a bit stuck. Because now I had to choose a colour that I would stare at for the next 14 - 21 days! Eeek. But I decided on a beautiful coral colour (number 17). Perfect for summer! After the mani (which also included a amazing hand / arm massage) I was half asleep and ready for my massage.

Let's just say after the mani, and then the 30min massage I was completely stress free and floating on cloud nr 9. I felt like a brand spanking new person! Ready to take on the world again! Thank you so much to Leverne, the wonderful and friendly manager (who also phoned me twice to remind me of my voucher - thank you!) and then also to Connie and Phumi who pampered me into a clearheaded state of blissfulness!

Thank you again for making me feel like a princess and for the perfect service! I will be seeing you again shortly!!!

Morningside Shopping Centre
Shop U20E Cnr. Outspan & Rivonia Road Sandton Gauteng
T: 011 783 7851
C: 076 895 2068

Have a blessed weekend everyone and stay safe!
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  1. Gorgeous colour!
    Shellac ... sounds interesting!

    Cocktails & Memories

    1. Thank you! :)
      I also thought it was perfect to get my nails into the summer spirit.

  2. Such a pretty colour! I'm glad you out the voucher to good use, ;)

    1. Thank you! :)
      I'm keeping my fingers crossed to win one of the other 3 you have now! hehe


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