Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuesdays are my FAV!

Hello Journeyers!
Well we just came back from a lovely long weekend. We went to Durban and I would honestly consider to go live there!
It's winter but we were walking around with shorts and tops! Unfair!
But yes Tuesdays have officially become my Favorite (after Fridays). Why you may ask? Well it's easy! I've been entering Blog Giveaways up to a point where I thought this is all just a big scam because I just NEVER win anything! And there on this cold winter Tuesday, I find out that I've won 2 giveaway!!! Yes 2!!!
I assume it's safe to say that Mr. Luck is on my side this week? Hmmm Lotto here I come!!!
How cool is that?

So I want to thank Lipgloss Kisses and Simply Siyaam for the amazing giveaway! You guys rock!

And then the ultimate of ultimate blog giveaways!!!!

dhum dhum dhum dhum dhum.... (drums should be playing in your head right about now)

Go over to LIVING IN YELLOW to go see what's in store for you guys!

I hope all of you had an amazing weekend, please feel free to share what you got up too! And keep it clean! ;)
You will notice I have been slacking with the Insta-Tuesday posts, that's only because I've been slacking Instagram. And therefore decided to do a monthly Insta-Madness Post. 


  1. Replies
    1. En hoe!
      Ek's soos jy n rukkie terug!
      Moet nog net 1 ding wen, alle goeie goed gebeur in 3's. hehe

  2. Aw Wow! Congrats sweety, well done on your wins! Durban is the best place to be in winter, hope you had an amazing time!Thanks for your kind visit, hope your week is going well :)

    1. Thank you Sam!
      Yes Durban was really great, wish the long weekend was like 5 days longer so that I could enjoy it a bit longer!
      You are welcome! Love a good fashion post read!
      Have a great week!

  3. Yaaay!! It's a pleasure :) Aw I know it can be frustrating to readers to enter and enter and never win, so I'm really glad it was your lucky day!

    1. Thank you again so much Siyaam!
      P.S. I actually played lotto. haha

  4. WOW lucky fish... congrats my friend xxx


    IM HAVING A GIVEAWAY SOON with my new brushline... you have to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay updated 


    Or go to my blog to see my Fashion outfit of the month :)



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