Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kream Restaurant

Hello Journeyers!
I have to tell you about the amazing food experience I had on Saturday at my beautiful friend's birthday. We went to Kream Restaurant in Brooklyn. WOW. The restaurant is beautiful. I think one can have lots of wine drinking while chatting the night away evenings here. She booked a nice room in the restaurant for all the girls to get together. We were separate from the other customers so we could laugh and be jolly and wouldn't disturb anyone. Our waitress Simone welcomed us and I was very impressed with her. Always on top of everything. And to handle a group of 10 ladies, well we can be a handful. We also had the friendly Ramon who made us feel relaxed and happy to be there! She added little finishing touches to each persons seat by giving them a little Lindt chocolate with their name on it.

My beautiful friend - Amelia

As we were a rather big group she decided on a mouthwatering set menu for us to feast from. With a big variety of the most delicious dishes to choose from, it was quite hard to decide what to take as everything sounded divine!
She made the Menu
A roundup of what starters everyone had: I had the prawns. (Pic 2) No words to describe how good this was!

We spent the evening reminiscing about Amelia when she was younger, it was so nice to hear all the old family fun stories. Her sister Elsje took the photos for the evening and made a heartwarming speech. I had tears in my eyes and Amelia sat sobbing next to me, smudging the white serviettes with her mascara.

Then we were ready for our mains to be served. Delicious. I went with the Catch of the day which was Kingklip, my favourite! :)

I'm so hungry now from looking at these photos and thinking back on how good the food was. Then any girls best part of any meal....desert!!! I had the Ice Cream and Bar One sauce, but after seeing the Malva Pudding I was a bit disappointed for not taking that instead.

To my beautiful Am, thank you for being such an amazing friend to me and for seeing me as one of your Special girls. You are such a blessing in my life and I am very proud to have you as a friend. I hope you had an amazing night and may you find love and be blessed to the ends of the earth! Always stay this amazing and beautiful! I love you Am! xxx

And to Kream! I hope I will be seeing you guys again shortly. Your food and service was magnificent and I have been raving about it since Saturday. Keep up the fantastic work!

Have a blessed day everyone!
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  1. Happy Birthday to Amelia. what a gorgeous celebration, really missing Brooklyn now. The restaurant is amazing, the decor is outstanding and from your images and explanations, the food sounds pretty divine too!

    1. Thank you Sam I will tell her!
      I was really impressed with the level of service and quality of food at the restaurant! :)

  2. Happy Birthday. The food looks amazing.


  3. Your blog keeps me busy for so long each time I check in - have bookmarked you now so I remember to pop in more often! ;-)
    I've only been to Kream once, about two years ago - and it's been on my "to-go" list ever since, we really enjoyed it too.
    Awesome food piccies, yum!

    1. WOW what a huge compliment! If you enjoy it then it means I'm doing something right! :)
      Thanks so much for your support!
      I would def go back there for dinner or a nice lunch!


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