Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Abba Seafood & Ocean King Launch

Happy Wednesday Journeyers!
I cannot believe I already celebrated my birthday 10 days ago! It feels like forever.
But I am not here to talk about me We are here to talk about a invitation I received to a very interesting event. It involved food, and if any of you are following me on Instagram you will know that...well I love food. I dragged Christine along to see what a blogger / media event is all about. We arrived at Let's Meat and were taken to the deck where we were welcomed by the lovely host of the evening, Seshu.

A little background on each of these products:

"Abba Seafood is the market leading Scandinavian seafood brand, with strong traditions in quality 
and excellence dating back to 1838. Driven by a passion for flavour and a genuine desire to help people enjoy the great taste of high quality seafood, Abba’s core team of 350 employees leverage its annual turnover of EUR 140 million to distribute its products in 30 countries world-wide.
Sweden is Abba’s home turf where it enjoys the wolf’s share of the market in the herrings, caviars and anchovy categories. 80% of its seafood turnover is generated in this market."

"With almost 30 years experience, Ocean King ® is committed to supplying quality canned seafood that is affordable, convenient, delicious and highly nutritious. Ocean King ® is passionate about the marine environment and adheres to sustainable fishing practices to ensure the continued health of fish populations."

After we were given the background of the products the tasting started. Platters were placed all along the table with food looking good enough to eat! And that is exactly what we did! hehe
There are a big variety of choices, from Herring, Tuna, Spreads and Caviar. They also had 2 guests that I was very excited to see and meet. Khumo and Tumi from 2013 MasterChef SA. They were my 2 favourites so when I saw them I was glad to be able to tell them that. :) 
Red and Black Caviar.

Abba Seafood spreads. (I actually saw the Spar on Hobart sells them.)
Khumo, myself and Tumi.
The products that my taste buds enjoyed the most that evening was the Tuna and Red Caviar. As we left each of us received a beautiful gift from Abba Seafood and Caviar. I had a wonderful time learning about and trying out these product. Quality food at a affordable price. Cedric of course is loving all the caviar.

Christine and I.
I met the beautiful Sue Levy that evening. :)
Seshu and I.
I want to thank Seshu and her team for inviting me and for hosting a wonderful launch, as well as Abba Seafood and Ocean King. 

Our cute gift.

A lovely evening filled with delicious seafood and champagne = Success!

I was wearing:
Skirt - Georgie.B
Tank top - Woolworths 
Shoes - Luella
Jewelery - Lovisa and Truworths

So if you are a working lady/man, and you loves to wine and dine your friends, then this is the product for you. I cannot wait to read if any of you have tried it and what you think of it?

I am not sure where you can find these products, but I have seen them stocked at Hobart Spar. :)

Have a blessed day everyone and remember - wear your crown! Because all of you are Kings and Queens!
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  1. What a fun night!! Loved your look xx

    1. It was fun. :)
      Thank you! Hehe! Thanks to Georgie.B! ;)

  2. Sounds like such a yummy and fun event! Wish I was there.

  3. great!!!
    would you like to follow each other?
    just let me know

    1. Thank you Marlena!
      Yes anytime! :)


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