Monday, 28 October 2013


Happy Monday Journeyers. Or rather in my case sad, depressed and gloomy Monday! Cedric left for Mauritius this morning. I have mixed emotions about this. Aside from the fact that I have already cried because I miss him. I actually kinda hate him (not in a bad way), because I'm not with him! I mean who doesn't hate him right about now??? Yip I can see all of you nodding in agreement! hehe. Joking I don't really hate you boo boo. I just don't like you right now. But only because I miss you and I would much rather be with you now.

So yes, I won 2 Tickets from T & Serendipity to attend the RMB WineX that happened last week. I sat with a big excited smile on my face after seeing this on Twitter the Saturday Morning....

So we were dressed and ready to go and do some wine tasting the Thursday night. You know, treat our taste buds a bit. :)
We tasted a few and I truly cannot tell you which one was my favourite, but there was one. But I would definitely go do it again, and maybe just take a note pad with. You know, for those "in case I forget" moments.
Another note to self - take friends with!!! I started to feel like a lonely crazy drunk (I was not drunk, as I was designated driver) person while wandering around with Cedric, both of us losing each other now and then, and then frantically turning around to find each other. I think we looked rather hilarious to be honest with you guys! See this is where the friends come in handy. Surrounded by people you know = you don't look crazy.

Back to the Expo. We were entertained to the beats of Kaya FM (thanks guys) and Cedric was happy to find some French Wine Stands. We did think that they could have done a bit more effort with regards to the decor...But that's just my opinion. Perhaps people don't go for the decor. haha.

But thank you again to Tash (T & Serendipity) and RMB for the tickets and for bringing some great tasting wines together in one place! :)
Good Wine = HAPPY ME!

Look! A photo of my favourite wine for the evening! Thank you Peter Falke Wines.

I cannot wait for next year's WineX! Keep them coming! :)
And I also cannot wait to hear how all of your weekends were! Please share the love below!

Have a wonderful non blue Monday everyone!
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  1. YAY! So glad you had a good time!

    1. It was great! :)
      Just next time we are taking friends with haha

  2. I'm so annoyed I miss WineX (guess that's what happens when you're buried deep in work and forget the world around you). It sounded like it was such an awesome event.

    Mel's Corner

    1. Well next year you guys will come with us! :)


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