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Make-Up is her claim to fame....Gina Myers

Hello Journeyers,

I have never been this ecstatic over an interview. I mean, I've been very excited about my previous interviews, but this one takes the cake! :)
Since the day I found out about her (thank you Twitter and Shashi Naidoo) I have been a tad obsessed (in a non freaky way - I promise! hehe) with her work. She is extremely talented and I know she will still take the WORLD by storm! Working with the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Sashi Naidoo, Lee-Anne Liebenberg and Trevor Noah (and that's just to mention a few) and she's the National Make-Up artist for the wonderful Elizabeth Arden. I love their products!

Yes, October's interview is none other than GINA MYERS, celebrity Make-up artist and National Make-up artist for Elizabeth Arden!!!

I truly am looking forward to this interview and hope to one day be able to experience Myers' magical makeup artistry!!!

Firstly I want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for taking time out of your hectic schedule to do this interview.

JS: Your work is truly amazing, where did your passion for make-up start and what did you do to pursue that?
GM: Ahhh thank you so much. I've always been extremely fascinated and intrigued by make-up. I've always been more creative. And love colour. I actually did a make-up course so I could just have it. I had just studied a year of corporate communication and I hated it. So many goals was to take of a year. Do a make-up course. Travel. And then go back to studying the next year. But alas.... By the end of the year my passion has become a career opportunity.

JS: That's a sign! I see your name pop up in magazines and celebrity photo shoots quite often. How does that make you feel? 
GM: Hahahha. That's quite funny. I think for me, I still love what I do. I love where I am. And I love the people I have met. I was given a very important lesson in the beginning of my career. An amazing photographer named Kevin Mark Pass told me I must "aim to make every photo/make up look the best make up of my life" ... In other words. It doesn't matter who or what a person is. Where they have come from or what they do. I've used every job as a learning curve. Every learning curve as an experience and every experience as an opportunity. I've seen amazing things. I've also seen some hard stuff too. But I am blessed. I love everything about my job. 

JS: I loved interviewing Kevin, he is such an amazing person and photographer. If you got stranded on a island, what 3 Things would you want with you?
GM: I would want my photos. I'm very big on pictures. You will always have the memory. But nothing beats a picture. I would definitely want a toothbrush. And I would try take my mom. Moms know best. Is that an option?? Hehe
JS: That's definitely an option to take your mother! haha. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, what would you say is your biggest strength and weakness in life?
GM: My biggest strength is definitely my love for people. It's he biggest reason I'm doing what I'm doing. I've always wanted to be around people. 
My biggest weakness. Most definitely my impatience. Although. It's a toss up. I can procrastinate too. Haha. 

JS: What advice would you give to young aspiring make-up artists?
GM: Exactly what you feel. Do! And like I said earlier. Take every job as an opportunity. Every opportunity as an experience. And love what you do. A lot of people told me I was wasting my time. My heart knew different.

JS: You are taking the world on with full force, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
GM: I would like to know that I've grown. That I've worked to my full potential. And that I've challenged myself. I want to donate my time to some causes. And know that even if it's slight and minuscule I can somehow make a difference. I don't know how or what yet. But I will. 

JS: WOW, I love this. If you could choose one celebrity to work with, who would it be and why?
GM: I am so taken away by Jessica Alba. I feel as if she's a true inspiration to alot of people. She works hard and like her book title.. Lived "an honest life". Her style is impeccable and I think we should just be besties. Hahahha

JS: That's if I'm not besties with her first! hehe! What do you do to keep your skin glowing and young? 
GM: Well thank you for saying that  :) 
I do many things. 
1. I live quite a healthy lifestyle. I eat well. And I exercise a lot. 
2.  I use Elizabeth Arden. Keeping a good skin routine is more important than you know. 
3.  I ALWAYS use sunblock. 
4. And I take off my make up every night before bed. 

JS: I have millions of holiday memories, what would you say is your favorite holiday memory to date?
GM: Wow. There are so many. I have absolutely no idea. Different holidays bring back different memories. 
My favourite island is Zanzibar. I have special memories there with special people. The first time I went was my first overseas shoot. The second time was romantic and happy. And my 3rd time was for a close friends wedding. 
My favourite cities are: Buenos Aires ( the people, the culture and the lifestyle is remarkable ) 
Barcelona: it was just a perfect holiday.
And the city I would move to tomorrow is New York. I landed and I could understand how and why people feel like their dreams will come true there. 

JS: Ahh all of these places are on my bucket list! Please share 5 of your favorite memories in pictures with us.

I loved getting to know Gina better. And I hope to one day sit and share more fun moments with her over a coffee! hehe! 

You can find her here:

I hope you guys loved reading about Gina as much as I did! 
Have a fantastic day everyone!!!

I want to say thank you to my personal Editor and best friend Aimee Jerman! (Thank you friend)


  1. Aw you interviewed Gina! I love her - she is such a sweet, genuine soul! She's done my make-up for a few shoots! She's amazing

    1. Hehe Yes! So blessed that she agreed! :)
      I hope to one day meet her and YOU!!!


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