Monday, 17 September 2012

Wind Wind I'm asking you with knots in my hair - PLEASE GO AWAY!!!

As all of you know I have been threatening for a while now to start with golf, and as you have read here Cedric bought me my first golf set.
So last week Thursday I had my first lesson with a pro (thank you my baby)!
And you will not believe what a difference those 30min made! I have 4 more lessons left!
Cedric was also in the mood for a Golf weekend, and that is exactly what we did. We found a Self Catering 2 Bedroom House at Elements Private Golf Estate in Bela Bela and off we went Friday in the traffic for our weekend getaway!
The Estate

You will also remember reading about this place, where I said how terrible the road is to get there, and I told Cedric the only way we will go is if we rent a car (I am sorry my car cannot go through that trauma again)! ;)

The 12km dirt road

Anyway so we were off in the horrible traffic in the rental car. After 4hours we finally arrived! (this should take you 1hr 30min without traffic)

Upon arrival we encountered a few hiccups but sorted that out with screaming talking calmly at each other.

The swimming pool and boma area of the house
 The living areas and terrace
 The bedrooms ( they are separate from the house area)
 The views

 Bedrooms from the other side
 Entrance of house
 And we saw some Kudu's

And look who was waiting inside the house for us! I almost died!

Thanks to stupid Murphy the wind picked up and the clouds grew darker! Thanks Murphy you suck!
And there all our "what are we eating this weekend" planning went down the drain! Because you see, when we have self catering weekends away the only thing we do is braai! Well duh what else will you do???
And thanks to the wonderful wind the braai was scratched for the Friday and we had toast! haha
Luckily we weren't that hungry, after 4hours in a car with traffic, crap weather and snacking (yummy biltong) you tend to not feel very hungry!
A nice fire to cosy the place up a bit!

Cedric invited one of his friends and these 2 partied up a storm the Friday while I was snoring away on the couch, because I am sorry, I do not sleep alone at places with spiders bigger than a ant! So I made myself comfy on the couch till Cedric woke me at 3am!

Then the fun and games started as they had a 8:45am tee off! They looked so rested and fresh! NOT! haha!
And then Cedric thought it was a good idea to force ask me nicely to play with them (yes he asked someone who can only hit the ball sort of properly with a 7 iron with only 1 pro lesson behind her to play golf)
And he bribed me with clothes, pffft did he really think that was going to work? (it did, and I got a very pretty golf jacket, thanks boo)
I finally played with my pink golf balls
 Check that swing baby!
 And look how cute I look in my golf attire! 
 Pink ball!!!
 Pro's in the making!
 And here I hit a tree!


I did sooo well crap! haha Cedric told me to only hit from like 100m from the hole, and after the first 13 holes my score was at +21! After I saw that I was too embarrassed to play further so I slept on the golf cart.

We actually managed to braai that evening as the wind settled only a little. And the partying continued and then melktertjies thought it was funny to make their appearance!
Cheers to the freaking weekend!

I hate shooters but melktertjies you just cannot say no too!
Notice that the mo is back! (facepalm)

Well the night ended more or less the same as the previous one, me sleeping on the couch and the men drinking.
Dreamland! Cannot believe I put this photo up.

Bedtime came at 2am! We slept nice and late, thank goodness and then we took on the long road back! What a fun weekend! I love our weekend getaways boo! Thank you so much for the weekend!

P.S. - Murphy who I was referring to is Murphy's law!

Have a mooing Monday!
"The secret to happiness is to make others believe they are the cause of it." - Al Batt


  1. OMG you are too cute in your golf attire! I have tried to golf and fail every time! Maybe I should get some "real" lessons..not just from my boyfriend LOL!! Well you look like a complete pro already darling :)
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yes after the 2nd lesson from Cedric on the driving range he said no he cannot do this let's get a pro to help me! haha
      I might look pro but def don't hit like a pro! The poor grass suffered a bit!

  2. You look flippen cute in the golf garb! And at least you tried playing, no matter if you were crap or not. I wouldn't even dare. Beyond put putting, this is just too dangerous for someone with my luck. I'd end up killing someone.

    Ooooh, and the bushveld. Le sigh! I want to go on holiday again, so bad! We might be going to Sun city this weekend, which would be amazing!

    1. Thank you! hehe
      Oh my word, jealous! I've never been to Sun City! It's just too expensive!

  3. omg!!! If I ever saw a spider that size I think I would faint. wowsers!!! the other animal is super cute and adorable though. great adventure and photos!! The presentation went better than I expected. I'm done the thesis forever and couldn't be more proud :) can't believe it. thanks for asking :) :)


    1. When I saw it I just froze! And refused to get any closer than the other side of the house to it!
      No thank you! They are just gross!
      Well congratulations on the thesis! Now you can put it behind you and celebrate!

  4. Love the blog sweety!
    Following your blog via GFC, follow me back?


  5. wowww!!! amazing pics!!!! I love the Kangooo!! :-)

    1. Thank you!
      What is a Kangooo or am I having a blonde moment?

  6. Hi! I was looking at your blog and I like it so much!
    Can we maybe follow each other? Let me know dear <3

  7. thanks for your visit dear!!! xoxo


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