Monday, 16 April 2012

{Travel} Phumuza Bush Lodge - Limpopo

Our travel Blogs are coming along nicely and I am loving it!
Last week Thursday (12 April 2012) we decided to go away for the weekend, let me tell you, what a mission to find a decent place at the last minute, but finally Friday we found a place and they had a opening.
We went to Phumuza Bush Lodge in the Limpopo Province, more or less 10km from Bela Bela.
Cedric is obsessed with Bela Bela and I think he will move there in a heartbeat! I'm still thinking about that part... he-he
Phumuza is a self catering Lodge with a variety of accommodation options, we stayed in one of the Log Cabins. We were extremely impressed with the place, for the price it was spotless and put together very well.
We arrived Friday (13 April 2012 - great Friday the 13th) quite late thanks to traffic....AGAIN!
Cedric went to go play golf the Saturday at Element Golf Estate, enough said.
The dirt road on your way there is a disaster, my poor car! :(
The golf part was fun though, I drove with Cedric and did some reading! (will blog about my latest reading soon)
Then we went to go and explore the little town a bit, I must say its quite and extraordinary little town.
I can see myself falling in love with the place, I think.
The rest of our weekend we spend relaxing next to the Boma, as winter has decided to arrive a month early!
We would go back there any day to just break away from the hectic city life.

This is the Log Cabin we stayed in, Giraffe.

Mmmm, yummy braai!

Concentrating very hard!

I really need to start learning how to play golf.

"Once you say you're going to settle for second, that's what happens to you." - John F Kennedy


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  5. oh i cant wait to golf again in summer!

    1. I just want to learn how to play first!
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  6. wow! i want to learn!

    1. I agree!!! I would love to play golf!



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