Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our Weekend in Photos! {heart}

Okay the weekend has left us.....AGAIN!
And my brain feels fried! So I will be giving you an update of our weekend via photos!

We bought our first Fondue set and tried and tested it! How much fun did we have? TONS! What a social way of having a meal!
So Pretty!
Say Cheese! :)
Can anyone say wine and fireplace? (sorry took pic without flash, flash just ruined it)

And we celebrated Landan's 2nd Birthday at the Johannesburg Zoo with some family! I cannot believe how the time flies, feels like just yesterday I was talking to him in my sisters belly!
Big Dinosaur...
Stop with the photos!
Smile biatches! hehe
Hilariously funny!
Spring has Sprung!
We had lunch at Cafe Fino inside the Zoo. Time to open some presents!
Ooooh spoiled!
His biggest fan base! :)
Mommy it's MY toys!
And then food! (Mine - Some kind of tortilla thing with chicken, feta and mushroom)
Cedric - Beef Asian Salad
Ricus - Prawn Pasta
Ivanda (My sister) - Chicken and Avo wrap
Cake Time! I am very impressed with the Cafe Fino @ the Zoo, I phoned them and they organised this cake! It came out so pretty! Landan loved it! Thanks team!
The happy little family!
Give me some cake!
Love him!
Our weekend ended with dinner at our place and me getting this pretty Orchard! {love}

So yes there is like a hundred more photos, but I don't want you falling asleep on me just yet!
Have a amazeballs weekend everyone!
"Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day." - Sally Koch


  1. wonderful pics! I like the big dinosaur one and the cake looks delish!

  2. Thank you!
    That dinosaur is actually so funny!
    You put a bottle in its mouth, turn that handle then it comes out of its butt and falls in a dustbin! haha
    Cake was sooo good!


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