Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Happy Wednesday Journeyers!
WOW 3 days left of November then we are officially in the last month of the year!
So here is my November roundup of happiness! :) According to my phone!

 A little sneak peak of what the bloggers had coming their way for the #JHBbloggermeetup
 I babysat this cutie while Cedric was in Mauritius.
 Cedric left me something to remind me of him while he was absent.
 Tested one of my birthday gifts from my good friend Marlize! Thank you I love it!
Had to feed my sugar craving and opted to go for this cute bear! hehe
 My outfit for picking Cedric up at the airport! Georgie.B Top.
 The airport has some major Christmas spirit!
 My souvenir from Mauritius. Thank you boo boo!
 Tick tock! 
And the time has finally arrived!!!! Yay!!!
 I received my pretty handbag from Fleur Clothing!
 This was the end result of the goody bags for the #JHBbloggermeetup!
 A LOTD! :) 
 I love this colour from Tip Top Nails! - Super Trooper!
 And we went on our first camping trip with Mo-Landy!
 And Cedric tested out his birthday gift...the awning!
 And we are off to celebrate his birthday! 
Beautiful Molweni! {inlove}

And there you have it, and now I'm busy counting down the days till we go on holiday...again!!!
23 Sleeps and counting!!!

Stay safe! See you guys tomorrow!!!
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  1. Such a gorgeous round up!! Those flowers are beautiful. I love lilies (obviously Arum Lilies being my favourite). All those gift bags look incredible. Still so sad I missed out!

    Can't wait to see you later!

    1. Ahhh thank you! Yes also very bummed you missed out on the meet up!
      I'm also excited for tonight!!!!
      See you later!

  2. Love your pics as you know since I double tap those :)

    1. Hehe yes one of my biggest fans on Instagram!
      Thank you!

  3. Oh my gosh! That little boy is the cutest little thing EVER!

    I don't enjoy camping...unless it's glamping! ;)

    1. Thank you! I'm blessed with the cutest nephew ever!!!
      Haha nooo! I love camping! I just don't like the bugs and the public bathrooms.

  4. Everything look stunning the flowers, the goody bags and best of all Johlet you are someone thats blessed with a awesome personality! keep up with everything we all love to read your Blog and cant wait to see all the photos! Alet


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