Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hello lovely Journeyers!
Hope everyone survived the Monday! Mine luckily flew by! I know it's horrible how I sometimes wish time away! Very bad I know! But Mondays just suck! Except for Spur lovers! Their Mondays are the best! haha
I hate that advert too by the way!
Back to today! It's Instagram update time again! Have fun!
I did! :)

1. Dinner with the family
2. The family
3. Happy Anniversary baby
4. Perfect Friday night. Simply Asia and a glass of wine.
5. A night out.
6. Pretty flowers at my mothers house.
7. Found this photo of my sister and myself at my mothers house.
8. My new shoes.
9. Spoiled myself with some make-up
10. Meeee and my OOTD

Tomorrow I will be doing a little Beauty Review. So stay tuned! :)
Hope you enjoyed this Insta-Post!


  1. Hi dear, great roundup of pictures, congrats on the anniversary! The image of you and your sister when you were young is sooo adorable! Looks like some lovelee pieces of makeup. Super cute shoes!

  2. judging by all the exclamation marks, sounds like you are pretty happy monday is over hehe :) luckily we had a long weekend and i was off from work so it was the rare time i was thrilled it was monday!


    1. How lucky are you!!!
      Our next long weekend is in June! I cannot wait for that! :)
      Hope you had a great weekend!


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