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{Interview} All of you know her by her clothing brand...Christine Barrett

Good morning Journeyers!
I decided it can be fun to once a month interview some young up and coming entrepreneurs of the world South Africa! Hopefully one day I will reach the "world" ones! :)
And I am very excited about today's interview. All of you know her by her clothing brand that I constantly go on about on my blog and on twitter and on my FB page and on catch my drift!
So why not get to know the face behind the brand!

She is talented, young, beautiful and single (any guys reading this take note of that last part - hehe)!

Hi Christine, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to have a "chat" with boring old me! Not, I'm not THAT boring! :) (JS = Meeee and CB = Christine Barrett, Face and Brains behind Georgie.B)

JSTell me a bit more about where the whole idea behind Georgie.B started and why the name Georgie.B?
CBWhen I was a little girl I always played with my mother’s clothes and high heels. Ever since my love for fashion has grown every day and year. I've always been a business woman, from selling my sweeties at school to selling the things I do as my hobbies …knitting scarves, sometimes even cupcakes, haha. After high school I decided to further my ventures and started studying at Elizabeth Galloway Fashion Design academy, where I realised that I want to start my own business and combine it with my love for fashion. After I graduated, I did a part time course in Graphic&Webdesign and also took on an internship at a small local clothing and forecasting business. I almost became a part of the business but that didn't happen as my plans changed when my father fell ill in February 2011. I realised that life is short and can change at any given time. I packed my things and went home to my parents for a very short while. The reason for that is I brainstormed with my parents on what my next step will be, my mother told me that I should follow my dreams and that’s when I decided I will start my own clothing label and business. 
I named the business after my father’s nickname,all my father’s good friends call him Georgie.B. His name is George Barrett. He conquered the cancer and is very chuffed and proud of Georgie.B Design CC. I have tremendous support from all my family members especially my father and mother. "Behind every good man stands a strong woman" So this business is dedicated to them, without them this amazing opportunity would not have been possible and I will always be thankful for everything they've ever done for me and my siblings.

JS: It's always amazing to hear how family and friends contributed to the success of someone's life.Was it your passion for style/fashion that drove you to start your own clothing line? 
CBYes it was, clothing is a lifestyle and can transform a person completely.

JS: That is indeed a fact, and I've learned it more since I've been "spending" more time with you. (And by "spending time" I mean emailing and texting each other a lot). You have made quite a name for yourself in a rather short period of time, how has your success influenced your everyday life and self confidence/image of yourself?
CB: {Blush} I am much more mature about life and people. I’m very independent, sometimes too much. And I've never worked this hard in my life, that thing that they say you should do what you love, I’m completely following that motto. My Faith has become stronger, every day I’m amazed by what my team and I have accomplished in just 2 years.
Marie Claire May 2013
JS: You are my second interview and you are also based in the beautiful Cape Town, why?
CBSince we moved from Bloemfontein, I've only known living close to the ocean. It’s peaceful and a part of me, I wouldn't mind moving, but I was fortunate enough to make the decision. And of course Cape Town is very trendy and the fashion capital of South Africa.
Sarie August 2012
JS: I must admit, I am a bit jealous, I would love to live next to the ocean (or in the bush). You say CT is very trendy and the fashion capital of SA, where do you get your inspiration from?
CBOur Georgie.B designs we try to keep as original as possible, unfortunately in fashion nothing is really something that hasn't been done before. We get our inspiration from anything creative that we see, it could be anything from blogs, magazines, buildings, paintings, television, street styles, nature, textures, shapes or music. All you have to do is be open minded and not be scared to be creative.  We also study our stockist very deeply and try to satisfy the client as much as we can. This is probably the most important part of your research and sourcing for inspiration.

JS: You seem to have had such amazing time thus far with your business, what would you say is Your absolute favorite Georgie.B moment/memory?
CBThe moment I walked past 4 women on a random day of the week wearing Georgie. B, it’s different when someone you don’t personally know wears your clothes, it’s such a big compliment. Also our first feature in a magazine. It was July 2011 in the Sarie Magazine (Afrikaans Magazine). I will never forget it. Now it’s weird if we do not feature in a magazine;) .blush… but I still appreciate it fully!
Sarie October 2012
JS: Congratulations, that is a big accomplishment to have your clothes featured in a Magazine. The fashion industry is a tough one, any advice for new comers?
CBDo your research, be as unique as possible and find your "niche".

JSYou seem to have your life figured out, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
CBI think professionally I've got my ducks in a row, I will tweak a few things here and there as the opportunity presents itself. Personally I have a lot to learn about love and friends, I do have my lifelong friends that will be in my life forever and I love them to bits. In 5 years time I see Georgie.B possibly worldwide but definitely available throughout the whole country. I would like to open a shop or two and start divisions within my business such as men’s wear and evening wear. You haven’t seen the best yet!

JS: WOW seems like Georgie.B is here to stay and conquer! Now enough business talk, what is your fondest holiday memory to date?
CBI would say when I went river rafting with a group of friends at the orange river in Namibia. I was paired up with my youngest sister whom is my best friend. Our relationship grew even more after that trip, it is a must-do. Another great trip is the Transkei, it’s amazingly beautiful, I’m always up for a Transkei trip. Abroad I would say, Livigno in Italy. It’s an amazing ski resort, full of adventures and friendly people.

And now she shared 5 of her favorite moment in photos with us! Enjoy!

You can follow Georgie.B on twitter @beachgeorgie or like their FB Page.
Please go visit their website {Georgie.B} too!

I hope you enjoyed getting know the Christine a bit better! And good luck to her with the future! May all her dreams come true and may she take the Fashion World by storm!

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