Monday, 13 May 2013

Exciting news!

Happy Monday Journeyers!
I hope all of you had a great weekend!
Mine was so much fun, but before I get to that. All of you know by now that I am trying this whole "Pop up Shop" thing. And my very talented friend Mariaan (the same one that took the photo's at my first pop up shop) designed my logo for me!
So from now on when you want to quickly access my Georgie.B Shop you can click on the JS Popupshop logo on the right side of my blog. :) You will also be seeing this logo on her website! Keep an eye out! Tell me what you think please!
Then back to our weekend happenings. We went away for the weekend. The city is really starting to get too much for me and this is our way of just breaking away. It's amazing what the bush can do to ones stress levels. That is also why I want to do a course in Game Lodge Management. Do something completely different!
Thanks to Cedric I am really starting to fall in love with the bush!
Anyway, enough rambling. We went to Siyaya Game Lodge again. Reason why we go here so often? Well it's close to us, you can find the Big 5 there, it's affordable and clean! :)
But let the pictures do the talking... (oh yes, I have misplaced my camera somewhere at home and therefore all the photo's you see here was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3)
The sunset Saturday night
The little dam on the reserve. They have 3 hippos in it. 
The Chalet. We slept in nr 3.
And the view from the terrace.
Boo Boo and I by the other love of his life!
Baby by his fire! So proud! And right after this photo it started to rain! hah
Boo by his other half! Yes he loves the car that much!
Like what you see? Please go visit their website HERE.
And as all of you know, Sunday was Mothers Day. We spend the day relaxing with my mother while having a braai. Blessed!
Me, my mother and my sister.
Happy Mothers Day to my sister too! :)
And that would be the end of our weekend! :)
To a new week! Make the best of it, life is short! 


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