Monday, 27 May 2013

How many is too many?

Hello people!!! :)
I know, you must be thinking..."WTH is this girl going on about in her post title?"
Well it's easy, I was driving the other day, thinking about what my next post Friday Fashion Post will be when it hit me. "How many is too many?"
I always break out in a panic when I realise I don't know what to write about in my next post, because you know, I have to keep up the standards of my blog. But then I also think, do you really want to bore your readers by giving them a worthless, did not care at all, lazy, sloppy, post?
Then it hit me. NO! People don't want to read no effort posts! And I'm one of them! I'm in fact the type of reader that goes for the pictures only!
So yes, this is what I want to know, how many is too many?
I would rather read 1 quality post a week on a blog than a short crappy one every single day.

That's what's been going on in my back to what happened this weekend. Well my mother got married! Yes she tied the knot.
And here is a little breakdown of how things turned out!

The Newlyweds (my mother looked so pretty)
My boo boo and I (I am wearing Georgie.B - The Ana Dress)
My sister and her husband (She is also wearing Georgie.B - The Laura Dress)
Some of the flowers. (So pretty)
The Cake (Yummy)
My Sister and I
My Mommy and I
My Pretty friend who was the photographer
The Ana Dress
It was a relaxed morning wedding. Filled with love and laughter! I cannot wait to see the rest of the photo's!
What did you do this weekend?


Thank you so much for sharing your love!
My smile is growing with each comment!