Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

Happy Tuesday Journeyers!!!
WOW how come a weekend is only 2 days? Life is so unfair. Kidding! Make the best of your life people! It's worth it! Promise!
This weekend was a cheat WEEKEND for me, never mind only cheating on the Sunday. Eating healthier is rather tough! I have a horribly sweet tooth! :( And exactly 23 days ago I got onto the scale at our neighbours (in front of everyone) and they all encouraged me to turn my eating lifestyle around! So starting weight was 71.1kg. And I have a weigh in every week. After week 1 I was on 68.6kg. After week 2 I was at 67.4kg. My next weigh in I will do Thursday night as we are leaving on Friday for some quality relaxation time!
But I'm getting way off track here...
Friday night we went for drinks and dinner with our neighbours. Drinks was at BiCE Ristorante. WOW what a stunning restaurant! Great view! Would definitely want to go there for dinner some time!

Ladies of 46 Wilton. Only Taylor and Rouelle is missing.
My Boo and I. {heart}
After the drinks we were off to Red Chamber for some dinner. Cedric was craving Peking Duck and that's exactly what he got. OMG! How yummy was it! We took a variety of foods and shared. I chose the Sweet and Sour Pork and Sally took the Ginger Prawns. YUMMY! I was so mesmerized with the food that I completely forgot to take photos. Halfway through I was like "ahhh damn I forgot to take photos". I promise to go back there just to capture everything and share it!

Saturday we were with my parents for a nice relaxing braai and obviously Landan was with us too. I cheated some more there. Oops. Damn you sweet stuff!!! But it was so much fun! Spending some quality time with me mum and nephew. Halfway through the evening Landan was pretending to be Spider-Man, busy jumping on me. And all of a sudden he got very quiet and just started playing with my hair. I first left it, thinking he was tired now. But then it hit me, he was eating gum. So I grabbed my hair and there it was. Gooey and sticky. Thank goodness my mothers husband managed to get most of it out without cutting it out. But some pieces just refused and I had to cut....
Last piece of gum is out!
We spent the rest of the evening playing this game (have no idea what you call it) and sitting next to the fire.
I took some Instagram videos of them playing, even Landan joined in the fun and for a 2 year old I must say he is kicking some butt. :) Not sure what my Instagram name is? See on my side bar. xxx
Sunday it was my real cheat day. And I've been craving Peppermint Crisp tart the whole week so that's exactly what I made. Then we were off to breakfast and the Flea Market.

My yummy Burger breakfast!
What gives you the idea he was not in the mood for photos?
And these will be known as our "Bush bracelets" from now on. {love}
After we got back from breakfast and the Flea Market it was tart and tea time. Unfortunately it did not set completely but we had some anyway.
I'm very proud. This was my trademark dessert in High School!
A close up.
On your marks, get set, EAT!
After stuffing our pretty faces with yummy tart we were off. And this was our last stop for the weekend.
Our camera bag.
Yes we finally bought a bag for our camera. And it's perfect. Not too big and not too small! Now let the shooting begin! :)

Don't forget to go spoil yourselves with a Georgie.B Winter Sale Item! :)
And there you have it. So what did you get up to this past weekend????
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  1. Is daai pepperment crisp tert? Oh my soul! Ek looove dit.

    1. Ja dit is!!! :)
      Sal jou moet oornooi dan volgende keer as ek dit maak!

  2. Your peppermint crisp tart looks great! Love the bush bracelets
    And happy anniversary today!


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