Tuesday, 30 July 2013


It's that time again Journeyers!!! :)
Let's see what I've been up to for the month of July! And I am almost done editing our holiday photos so will do the first part of our holiday post tomorrow! Stay tuned!

My friend in a Georgie.B Pleated Snake Skin Skirt! 
Date Night at Monte Casino!
We took Landan to The Rhino and Lion Park to play with some cubs.
My boo made us a kick butt prawn salad!
My FAV fizzy drink at the moment.
Dinner and drinks night with the neighbours.
Family time. Someone was not in the mood for photos.
And our holiday begins! WOOP WOOP
I'm playing caddy for my boo at Komatipoort Golf Club.
Perfect sunsets.
And it's 06:15 and we are off to the last part of our holiday!
View from our room.
Our pit stop on our way home at Harries Pancakes! Me = VERY HAPPY!
Till next month! ;)
Have a great Tuesday. It feels awful being back at work after our holiday, haha!
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  1. Beautiful photos. Looks like yo've been having a really awesome time!

    Mel's Corner

    1. Thank you Mel! Yes we are having fun! Enjoy life they say! ;)

  2. looks like a super swell time! and those cubs are too cute! yeah, going back to work after a nice vaca absolutely sucks! i guess have to look forward until next vaca! :)

    Sparkle & Chic

    1. Very true! Luckily next one is in 2 weeks. Well it's only a long weekend but still! :)

  3. Love your ring! And Harry's pancakes are the BEST!

    1. Thank you Claudz! YES THEY ARE!!! I can be glad I'm not living close to one otherwise que the chubbiness! hehe


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